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Windy In the Nappstream 1st April 2019 – Fishing Report

The guides at Nappstraumen have sent us this report and despite the wind blowing very hard they have been finding gaps in the weather to get out and fish for the Cod.

The wind has unfortunately gained strength properly here the last few days which has made us very limited in choosing fishing spots and also reduced the possibility of fishing at all.

On Thursday we found a gap between the gusts of wind, all the boats were fit to go south to try the fishing for cod. After a rather bumpy journey in the boats they finally arrived at the fishing spots. Already at the first stop you could see how the Cod shoals grew big on the sonar and all the boat teams began to hook nice cod already in the first drop. All the boat teams received lots of fish where the largest Cod of today was over 17 kilos.

The next day was really bad weather where fishing near the camp was the only possible option, many targeted Halibut and there was quite a lot of activity when several boat teams dropped some good fish. Team Boudewijn from Holland managed to land a fine halibut on just over 90cm (20lb est)

Today we are unfortunately sitting inside and huts in the cottages as the wind blows really hard at the moment, but the wind soon looks to settle down enough to go out at dawn light tomorrow.

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Thanks for the report Martin, it’s great to see that despite the wether being bad you and the customers have still been able to get out and find the fish.

The destination of Nappstraumen is one that every angler just has to visit at least once. The fishing there can be out of this world at times with some real monsters of the deep lurking in its waters.

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