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Windy Update From Havoysund 1st April 2019 – Fishing Report

We have had a report in from Havoysund where the winds have been blowing hard but despite this the anglers have still been getting out to try and catch some big cod.

On Thursday the first fishing day it was good enough to  fish protected from the west-north-westerly winds near the camp, those hours on the sea unfortunately did not produce any results in the harsh weather. Friday was totally blown off and we were on land and waited for the winds of 20-25m/ s to disappear. During the Saturday, the winds lay around 10 m/s at times, so all the boats went out to fish for Halibut near the camp, this resulted in a small fine Halibut for the old men in boat 6 which was welcomed. During the evening, we managed to get the small number of people in for a really good king crab buffet.

Today, the conditions were as promised windy in the morning which meant that we went out fishing at 6am, we got to an area east to find cod but we had to head home at 13:00 when the wind wound again up to 18m/s. There were really large amounts of cod there but of a smaller size, it did absolutely nothing since everyone thought it was amazing just to finally be able to come out and pull some in fish. Now the winds are blowing really strong again and we get in the morning and hide up out the wind before heading out to sea.

Tight Lines // Douglas & Jørgen

Thanks for the report guys, this just shows that despite very hard weather the customers can still find fish at the camp of Havoysund.

I look forward to your next report as we know the great Halibut fishing will be increasing soon here.

Tight Lines


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