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Worlds End Lodge Fishing Report 18th – 25th November 2023

Water Conditions:
We started the week with a high water level caused by rain in the days before. During the first three days, the water was slightly darker than usual but still fishable with large flies. As the week progressed, the water level dropped gradually, clearing up. We finished the week with stained water. The water temperature varied widely, ranging from quite cold in the beginning to an acceptable temperature for the rest of the day.

The week experienced extremely unstable weather conditions. We began fishing with 4 inches of snow that fell the night before our first day. Variations included rain, snow, and occasional bursts of sunshine, sometimes within a couple of hours. Unfortunately, we never had steady conditions, which are known to be ideal for sea trout fishing.

Regarding water levels, fishing conditions were favorable. We employed various strategies to entice the sea trout, using floating lines with long leaders and employing tube flies, skaters, nymphs, and streamers. Additionally, sinking lines with large streamers were used when the water was a bit murky. In total, we caught 10 sea trout, with the largest weighing 13 pounds and an average of 5 pounds. The first few days seemed more productive in the lower part of the river, but as the week progressed, sea trout spread rapidly, and we had strikes in almost every section of the river. We try to find some robalos but they didn’t showed this week.

We had a delightful week, and our guests expressed their satisfaction with the excellent food and accomodations. The river conditions were optimal for employing beautiful fishing techniques like swinging flies.. Fishing proved to be more challenging than usual. This river is unique in terms of its combination of

size, environment, landscape, fishing techniques, and sea trout. Our guests should be aware that they come for a unique and challenging fishing experience not found anywhere else. A fish caught in the Irygoyen River holds significant value and meaning.


If you’ve always dreamt of fishing for some monster Sea Trout, then the famous Worlds End Lodge on the Irigoyen River would be perfect for you. If you’d like to know all the information about the fishing and accommodation, you can contact our fly fishing specialist Peter Collingsworth on 01603 407 596 or email at

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