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Sea Trout

Worlds End Lodge Fishing Report Week 1: January 2020

The season has started at the End of the World! and what a great start it has been.
As always at the beginning of every season, the River Irigoyen looks high and clear with a very good number of Sea Trout into the river system. The first group of fish was already in the middle section of our beats. The first fish was caught a couple of weeks ago, around 15th November which means there are already some very good numbers of Sea Trout hosting the pools.
Tying Flies
Tying flies for the week ahead


The main strategy for the week was chasing the running fish as they are the freshest and active. Only a few dark fish where caught, as the majority of the fish where chrome fresh with less than 24 hrs in the river. Sea pool beat 1 and beat 2 for the week were working the best and most of the action has been on floating lines with light sink tips, (intermediate and sink 2). The most productive flies for the week have been the traditional Pepe flies, the black and silver leech and wonderbug with white legs being the key to unlock the Irigoyen Monsters. Intruder flies and different types of rubber leg flies work also well, but mostly in the sea pool.
Planning a strategy
Planning routes for the week


It was a pleasure to receive wonderful anglers as Tim,  James and John were here and also our friend Cristian from France. I believe it is fair to say that the team all had a great week and also enjoyed each other’s company.
Sea Trout
One of the darkest Trouts of the week


Of course, because of the kind of water we fish at the River Irigoyen (pockets, pools full of logs, small water), some fish were missed or lost, but finally, the group landed 40 sea trout for the week. Best Sea Trout were between 12 to 17 pounds, with John managing to land the best fish of the week at 22 pounds, in the famous arbolito pool.
Sea Trout
A chunky Sea Trout in hand


Unfortunately with the rains, the river rose high and dirty so the last days fishing was impossible therefore only 5 full fishing days for the group in week 1.
Sea Trout
A fresh Trout straight from the sea


We are looking forward to a promising season; the run is strong and both customers and guides are ready for the River Irigoyen challenge.
Eating at worlds end
The final meal at Worlds end


Why not join us in 2021 and see for yourself just how amazing this fishing is on this little river. The perfect place for your single-handed fly rod.


Tight lines,
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