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Xingu Lodge Fishing Report 2nd October 2023

Water Conditions
Water Color – clear
Water Level – low

Weather Conditions
Temperature – Average 32ºC Mostly Sunny everyday without some rain

Fishing Conditions
Given the conditions, Payara fishing was not at its best yet. Even for different kinds of fishes, fishing was slow at the beginning of the 2023 season due to the water heating and lack of rains. We were hoping for some rain and we actually had some, including some storms during that week. Unfortunately it was not enough yet to cool down a bit, make the river rise and stimulate the Payaras to take flies on their aggressive way as expected. We had to work hard to find this fish in deep water and big pools. Thousands of casts and heavy sinking lines were the rule to find these vampires and occasionally make them eat!

On the other hand, some nice sized Peacocks were found at some creeks’ mouths and big Wolffish were also caught deep on those creeks!

Fishing Stats
Total number of fish landed over this week:  65 (Payara, Peacock bass, Bicuda, Matrinxã, Corvina) 
Total Payara Landed: 9
Total Payara Missed: 20
Biggest payara landed in this week: 7 pounds

Biggest fish landed in the week
– Payara: 7 pounds  
– Peacock Bass: 55 cm 
– Mantrinxã: 47 cm
– Bicuda: 82 cm 
– Corvina: 53 cm
– Wolffish: 80 cm

Besides some nice sized Peacocks being caught among the creek’s entrance, some trophy bicudas were caught and a few were missed! Dominic had a nice 82 cm Bicuda at the end of his tippet and he managed pretty well after a nice fight landing this fish! Patrick had his first Wolffish at the end of the creek and it ended up with a nice picture of their double catch with Dominic who also caught his Wolffish simultaneously! Emily seemed to be the Payaras Queen, landing the most Payaras of this week! Well done!

Xingu – Guides and Staff


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