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The Final Report of the year – Nappstraumen fishing report

The Final Report of the year – Nappstraumen fishing report

The season down at Nappstraumen has now come to an end, this final week saw the guides and two guests from Spain targeting the Halibut that roam close to the camp. All anglers managed to land themselves some nice Halibut that could be released back into the water.

Nappstraumen Fishing Report – 08/11/2021

As previously mentioned, the camps are now closed for the season, but in Nappstraumen where we own the cabins, we have chosen to keep a boat in the water, as we have the cabins for rent all year round. Late autumn and winter in northern Norway can often be associated with harsh weather, a lot of wind, rain and snow with shorter daylight for each passing day. This year is no exception but Nappstraumen has a great advantage when it comes to weather protection and the proximity to the fishing spots which are usually within 2-10 minutes from the camp. However, it is not only hard weather but autumn and winter can offer magically beautiful days as well, often with elements of northern lights.

For the third time, I am in Nappstraumen during the month of November, this time to take care of our cottages and offer guidance to the guests who visit us.

I can not stop being impressed by how good the fishing will be here in the autumn, where the fishing is mostly conducted near the camp and in shallow water, which gives very spectacular fighters and opportunities for spin fishing.

So even if it is windy and there are fewer light hours during the day than is normal during “season”, you can fish in quite tough conditions and use the daylight to the maximum amount of fishing with the short transports from the cabins.

Before Calle and Mats had had time to go home to Sweden, Calle and I went out to try our fishing luck for Halibut in Nappstraumen. We started as usual by getting some baitfish. The first drift after Halibut we put in the current and we fished at a depth that varied between 10-20m. It took about an hour before we had the first contact of the day, unfortunately, we did not hook this fish but it still felt really good to be in contact and it did not take long before Calle hooked in a nice Halibut that could be landed after a short fight on lovely 90cm, after some photos with this nice fish, it had to swim home again and continue to grow big.

After 30 minutes without any more contacts, we changed area a couple of minutes away in a shallower part where we fished at between 7-12 meters. It did not take long before the float went below the water surface on my rod but then, unfortunately, this fish spits the bait before I could set the hook. Only 20 minutes later the float now dives again and this time I hook in and immediately feel that it is a little heavier at the other end, after an intense fight at 12 meters depth we could a few minutes later secure a lovely fish of 169cm which also this fish got to swim home again after a few photos.

At the time of writing, we have 2 Spanish guests here in Nappstraumen, Marcel and Jordi, this is the first time they are in Norway and fishing for Halibut as the destination of the trip. The first day of fishing offered tough weather where it blew 14-16 m / s with gusts of over 20 m / s which of course makes fishing very difficult and difficult, but we were out and tried for a couple of hours in a protected area, a Halibut showed interest and bit but unfortunately, it was not landed.

The next day it was completely different conditions, with light wind and a light rain so shortly after 8 we left port and 8.20 we had both caught bait fish and put the first drift. The first cut fell around lunchtime when the weather cleared up and the rain subsided. Unfortunately, the fish did not get stuck but the mood went up in the boat and the fishing would turn out to be really nice. The next bite comes shortly after when Marcel stands in the bow of the boat and spins with his back to his rod with bait fish. The rod bends sharply down towards the water surface but the reaction is fast and he quickly picks up the rod and makes a counterattack. The Halibut followed quite easily without any spectacular rushes and quite a short time later we land the first Halibut of around 100 cm. Shortly after that, it was time again.

The afternoon biting period continues and Jordi, who has still been without fish, got to experience how fast it can turn in fishing. For a second, his bait stood calmly and still in the rod holder while he diligently spin-fished around the boat and when he turns his head away to look out over the sea, it screams in his reel. Jordi grabs the rod, tightens the brake but the fish continues at exactly the same pace as before despite the fact that the brake was now firmly applied. For a few hectic seconds, he manages to feel a really big fish before it unfortunately steps off without explanation.

Towards the end of the day, however, he gets his revenge and gets to hook the first Halibut of his life, which is landed and measured at 109 cm, which also became the first of the day. 2 days of fishing remain for the boys to fish before returning home. The weather looks promising so we keep our fingers crossed that the fine fishing continues.

Tight Lines from Nappstraumen,

Alexander Lindgren

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