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Exclusive Weeks Las Buitreras Lodge Argentina Sea Trout Fishing Rio Gallegos

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Sea Trout Fly Fishing

If you are a single angler or just looking to travel in a group with like-minded people, then our exclusive weeks Sea Trout fishing holiday to Las Buitreras Lodge in Argentina is designed for you. Each year we have exclusive peak weeks at this lodge just for Sportquest Holidays customers. This world-famous destination offers an unparalleled fishing trip, unlike any other. The catch statistics for size and numbers on both the Rio Gallegos River and the Rio Grande rivers are very similar. The main difference between them is if you like more technical fishing, the Rio Gallegos is an absolute dream to fish. 

On these exclusive Sea trout trips, we manage the Sea Run Brown Trout fishing so that all 12 customers fish in solitude for unpressured fish on 25 private miles of both banks of the Rio Gallegos River. We run a guide and beat rotation to ensure that all 50 named pools are well-rested, and you get the chance to learn from each professional, bilingual guide. This fishing is exciting and varied, with excellent fly water that will reward you for approaching it with respect and understanding. It certainly is an exciting river to fish with pools ranging from deep stony runs to cut banks. Plus, as the Rio Gallegos River is relatively shallow, it makes for easy wading and eliminating the need for fast sinking lines.

If the real Sea Trout fishing Argentina experience is what you are looking for combined with like-minded anglers on a exclusive group trip, then look no further.


As the Rio Gallegos River is shallow and easy to wade in the central parts, although it is a more technical river to fish, this is part of the pleasure as it is even more rewarding than just fishing the same deep pool for a whole session. An estimated 70-90,000 Sea Trout return to the Rio Gallegos every year and spread out over 300 km of water. Therefore, these fish are less concentrated than on the more famous, deeper and considerably shorter Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego. However, the sheer numbers and size of fish in this river are outstanding, with fish averaging around 10lb. Still, with every cast, there is the opportunity to hook one of Patagonia’s explosive Sea Trout that do reach 30lbs.

Fly fishing for Sea Trout on the Rio Gallegos demands a quitter approach than others, using small nymphs, light tippets, floating or intermediate lines, and single-handed or switch rods. The better and more discrete the presentation an angler can make, the more fish you will catch. The broader sections of the river will require longer and more powerful spey rods to cast and control a long line. However, you still need to have a careful approach; therefore, wading is discouraged or kept to a bare minimum.


All anglers will fish in pairs and fish with one guide on a rotation system, where you fish two sessions per day, one in the morning and again in the evening. This allows for the main meal of the day to be taken back at the lodge around lunchtime and allows you time for a good needed siesta afterwards. However, for those still with an abundance of energy, the home bridge pool can be fished during the rest period. After an excellent rest period, you will then depart in the early evening and fish into the dark before returning to the lodge for more welcoming drinks and food. As mentioned in each fishing session, you will fish a zone with a guide who stays in that zone all week, and then in the next session, you move up one zone. This rotation system means that everyone gets to fish in each zone in both a morning and evening session, plus they get to fish with every guide twice during your week.

Las Buitreras Lodge is home to the most prolific Sea Trout Fishing Argentina on the Rio Gallegos River. Most pools can be covered with a one-handed rod; however, a two-hander is often useful when conditions are windy or dictate larger flies’ use. The wind can be powerful in this section of Patagonia; believe it or not, this is a good thing! The prevailing wind is westerly and blows down the river allowing huge casts. The wind helps by keeping the surface is broken, which dulls the amount of light in the river and makes lots of surface noise, enabling anglers to take large, normally wary Seatrout throughout even the brightest days. Usually, the wind calms down as the sun drops in the evening.


The Las Buitreras bilingual guide staff are some of the most talented casters and instructors in Argentina. They are loyal to Las Buitreras and work as a collective unit with no competition amongst each other. The long-standing team are as knowledgeable as they are friendly and equally hard-working. Crucially they know their stretch of the river backwards.

Guiding based on two anglers per guide on each zone, the zone and the guide rotation system are a significant advantage to the customers because they allow each guide to know exactly what is happening on his beat during a particular week. At the start of every week, the guides swap beats and brief each other on how their beat is fishing. This is unquestionably a key component in the lodge’s success and another reason customers return each year.

If you would like to see how good guiding and fishing is watch our YouTube videos on Las Buitreras


The season on the Rio Gallegos starts in late October as the Sea Trout begin to enter the river in small numbers. However, for the travelling angler, fishing starts typically at the end of December. This is when considerable and reliable numbers of Sea Trout begin to enter the system. January, February and March are peak months for fresh, bright chrome Sea Trout. We open for customers to fish right up to the middle of April, after which you will start to see spawning beds in the middle to upper portions of the Rio Gallegos. Around the 1st May, Sea Trout are also spawning in the Penitente and Ruebens, two tributaries to the Rio Gallegos. Therefore at this time of the year, we close the fishing.


A question that gets asked many times is it possible to extend my stay? The simple answer is yes, you can stay at Las Buitreras for as long as you wish; however, the fishing is sold in set weeks. Sportquest also has many additional destinations in Argentina to offer either full or half week add ons. We can arrange for you to fish different rivers for Sea Trout, fish smaller rivers for wild Brown Trout, Chase monster Chinook Salmon and even Golden Dorado fly fishing. Being the UK leading specialist in fishing holidays to Argentina, we can tailor your itinerary to suit. Please feel free to ask, and we will always work something out for just you. View all tours in Argentina


As mentioned, the lodge was purposely built for anglers and offered a perfect blend of luxury and rustic living. The lodge itself is comfortable with a wonderfully welcoming, relaxed and homely atmosphere. There are six twin and two single bedrooms, all with an en-suite bathroom & showers. Although we can accommodate up to 14 guests at a time, we welcome a maximum of 12 fishermen per week; however, this extra space allows us to offer a few more rooms on a single basis. Built around the lodge outside is a large conservatory that serves as the main drying room and changing room. When you arrive at the lodge, you will find your own personal space with your name neatly written on a blackboard above your pegs.

Downstairs in the lodge is an open plan where you and your fellow guests will enjoy all your meals on the huge lodge dining table. There is also a large lounge area with lots of comfortable seating where you will enjoy the late evening snacks and plenty of drinks. This is a great area to relax and unwind after each session and catch up on all the stories of each days fishing from the whole group. 

There is a fly tying bench in the lounge for those who wish to try their hand at a few flies, as there is nothing more rewarding than catching a fish on some you have tied yourself. Those who do not tie flies do not worry; just off the lounge is the main office, and inside, you will find a small tackle shop. The shop has all the flies you could ever wish for on your week, plus it also has a small selection of both fly lines, tippets and ploy leaders. The shop also has a small gift area where you can purchase branded clothing and memento’s to remember your stay.

Outside the lodge, there is plenty of room with rod racks in the gardens to sort your rods at the end of each session. Also, in the garden, there is a spacious courtyard that is protected from the wind, here we have a large fixed outdoor stone grill and terrace for hosting the weekly traditional Argentine assados (BBQ)

The lodge is run on a generator system; the generator is controlled by a timer and is only on at certain times, when it’s time to go fishing and when you return. For in the night time there are energy-efficient lights that work 24hrs per day, so light is always available. For charging electrical devices, it is advisable to bring spare batteries to charge items while you are fishing as there is no generator running overnight.

The lodge has WiFi that is available 24hours per day; please note that the WiFi signal is via a state-of-the-art satellite system; however, it is only suitable for e-mail and chat apps like Facebook and WhatsApp.


Breakfast and the day’s main meal are served at the dining room table, while the evening finger food is served around the lounge table and chairs. Breakfasts consist of both bowls of cereal, yoghurts, fresh fruit and both freshly cooked bacon and eggs to our own specification. There is also plenty of toast, jams, and orange juice tea/coffee to wash it all down.

The day’s main meal will be served as a three-course lunch lubricated with unlimited amounts of beer or Argentina red wine. Meals are of a very high standard, all cooked by a professional chef, ensuring you enjoy an inspiring range of both Argentinean and continental dishes throughout your week. 

The lodges wine cellar has a fantastic selection of red wine from the Mendoza and San Juan regions. It is also stocked with Cerveza Isenbeck, an outstanding local beer. The lodge can and will cater to any individual dietary needs. Please just inform the house staff manager, who will welcome you on arrival, if there are any food items you either dislike or are allergic to.

In the evenings, when you return from the evening fishing session, finger food of delightful variety will be served. Each night will be a different themed night of food and, again, limitless beer and wine. Which goes a long way to create a homely and welcoming atmosphere for all guests at the end of each day. Just another reason why everyone falls in love with this trip.

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Although the fishing days are fixed, the below itinerary is still flexible should you require additional free days to explore at the beginning or end of your holiday; we can tailor this itinerary to suit you personally. Feel free to talk to our travel consultants who can explain all options available.

Day 1: (Thursday)

Depart Any international Airport (See Details)

Day 2: (Friday)

Arrive Buenos Aires

On arrival take a taxi to your overnight hotel. The rest of the day is yours to relax or explore.

Overnight Accommodation: Buenos Aires Hotel (Twin Room) B/B

Day 3: (Saturday)

Early in the morning take a taxi to the Jorge Newbery internal Airport and fly to Rio Gallegos airport. On arrival at Rio Gallegos airport, you will be met and transferred to the lodge. On arrival at the lodge, you will be shown to your rooms and the rest of the day is yours to either relax or if you prefer, set up all your rods and walk on down to the bridge pool for some practice.

Overnight Accommodation: Las Buitreras Lodge (Twin Room) F/B

Days 4 to 9: Fishing Days (Sunday to Friday)

At the start of your fishing week, you will be paired up and will remain together throughout the week. Each day you will fish both a morning session and an afternoon/evening session. You will be fishing for around 10 hours per day and if that’s not enough, you can fish in the home pool during the midday siesta. Fishing is either with double-handed rods or single-handed rods all dependent on the wind, water levels, and its clarity. Our guides will remain in the same zone all week. This allows every customer the opportunity to fish each zone both as a morning and evening session.

Overnight Accommodation: Las Buitreras Lodge (Twin Room) F/B

Day 10: (Saturday)

Early in the morning transfer back to Rio Gallegos airport. You will depart Rio Gallegos and arrive at Jorge Newbery airport. On arrival take a taxi to your hotel.

Overnight Accommodation: Buenos Aires Hotel (Twin Room) B/B

Day 11: (Sunday)

You will take a taxi back to Buenos Aires International Airport

Depart Buenos Aires

Day 12: (Monday)

Arrive Home

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The season runs from December to March.

Sea Trout

Season: November to April
Peak: January to February
Weight: 5lb to 35lb
Average Weight: 14lb

Brown Trout

Season: November to April
Peak: January to March
Weight: 1lb to 6lb
Average Weight: 2lb

Rainbow Trout

Season: November to April
Peak: January to March
Weight: 5lb to 26lb
Average Weight: 12lb

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  • Fishing license


  • Personal holiday insurance
  • Meals at Buenos Aires Hotels or bar expenses
  • Transfers in Buenos Aires
  • Tips for guides and all camp staff
  • Fishing tackle
  • Waders & Boots

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  • Additional nights in Buenos Aires
  • Single rooms in Buenos Aires
  • Tackle hire $250 per week paid direct to lodge
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