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Nordura River Salmon Fishing Iceland The Most Beautiful Of Rivers

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Nordura River Salmon

The Nordura River is comfortably among Iceland’s top ten Atlantic Salmon Rivers, considered by many to be one of the best, and over the past decade, it has averaged over 2,000 fish per year. Situated on the country’s west coast, only an hour’s drive from Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, and about one hour and forty-five minutes drive from Keflavík International Airport, it’s a famous river amongst the travelling freshwater fly fishing community. Its prime accolade is that as well as offering a high-class Atlantic Salmon fishing experience, it does so naturally – as a hatchery or smolt release programme does not assist the stocks of fish in the river. During the early part of the season, during the mighty snow melt, there are good numbers of multi-sea wintered Salmon, and as the season progresses, these get joined by good numbers of grilse.

When translated literally, Nordura means ‘The Most Beautiful Of Rivers’, which is a fitting title for the waterway as it offers some incredibly diverse fishing amongst some of the most dramatic scenery that Iceland has to offer. The river originates in Holtavörðuvatn, but it is also fed by several tributaries such as Hvassá, Hellisá, Sanddalsá, Búðardalsá and Bjarnadalsá, to name a few. It flows for over 65 kilometres and features over 170 named beats and pools, with everything from intimate cut bank pools to a beautiful, charismatic gorge section with spectacular waterfalls to classic ‘big river’ Salmon pools – it has it all.

One Of Icelands Top Salmon Fishing Rivers

Undoubtedly, the Nordura River is one of the most mesmerising destinations to wet a fly and a desirable location for anglers around the globe. As a freshwater fly fishing river, it’s classed a waterway with a medium to large volume, featuring a real mix of water, offering something for everyone. Whether you wish to ‘stretch your line’ across large Rio Grande-esque bends or concentrate your efforts on a smaller technical pool, the river has it all.

In its upper stretches, the water flow is smooth as it travels over gravel beds, between grassy grounds and across the county’s flatlands, before splitting in two and significantly changing its dynamic in the midsection. It’s here where the river picks up pace, as the landscape is dominated by large rocks and lava formations, creating fast-flowing sections alternating between narrow and broad waterfalls and rapids. This area features a whole host of fascinating spots to wet a line and is steeped in natural beauty and surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

In the lower section, the river once again flows over gravel fields between overgrown fields, providing easy access for most anglers before making its way to the canyon below the Laxfoss Falls. On its journey, it constantly picks up water, so the fishing spots at the bottom are more significant than those at the top, adding to the exciting and varied environment.

There are three beautiful waterfalls on the Norðurá – the Laxfoss, Glanni and Krókfoss, and for a long time, these were a significant obstacle for the Salmon, especially Laxfoss, the lowest of them all. However, the addition of two Salmon Ladders has dramatically assisted the passage of the fish, especially in low water conditions, and now the Salmon can run up the Norðurá River up to Leitisfossur, although the fishing area ends further down.

To find out more about the Nordura River, visit our YouTube channel.

Fly Fishing The Nordura

For most of the season, on the Nordura River, single-handed rods, floating lines, and small flies are sufficient. However, a switch rod or small spey rod can benefit some of the broader pools, especially during the opening weeks and the early part of the season. They are also a good backup in the event of windy conditions. We suggest taking a 6 to 8-weight single-handed rod with a floating line or an intermediate sinking line for certain pools on the river and a 12-ft double-hander with a floating line and a backup sink-tip of 8, 10, 12 and 15lb as this should cover you for all conditions.

Fly-wise, Icelandic Salmon flies tend to be smaller than those customarily used elsewhere as the clarity of the water often requires something smaller, neater and more refined to trick the fish into eating. A hook size of 10 to 14 is standard, although, in meagre and shallow water conditions, a size 16 also has its place. Hitched Salmon flies are prevalent, especially during the summer months, and tungsten conehead tubes can be convenient, especially when it comes to getting your fly to the correct depth quickly and efficiently in the deeper, fast-flowing channels.

If you’re travelling to Iceland to fish on the Nordura or any of the other Atlantic Salmon fishing rivers we offer, you may find our blog beneficial: ‘What Are The Top Flies For Fly Fishing In Iceland’.

As with all
Atlantic Salmon Lodges in Iceland, all operate a strict disinfection policy. Before fishing on the Nordura and even stepping foot on its banks, all fishing tackle, clothing and waders must be adequately disinfected. 

The sterilising of your fishing tackle can be performed easily by a veterinary surgeon, who can then provide you with a certificate and a signed inventory of what has been sterilised. You can also get it done at the airport by handing your fishing equipment to customs officers upon arrival; they will then be able to disinfect your tackle for you. However, in 2024 sterilisation will also be available at the lodge, which is probably the easiest and most cost-effective for anglers.

Salmon Fishing In Iceland

Our first-class Icelandic Salmon fly fishing package on the Nordura will allow you to fish some of the finest water in the country for some of the best fish. It comes with all the permits you need for your trip, accommodation, full catering and a fantastic 2:1 guiding service. A guide is essential to ensure you get the best out of your holiday, and can often be the difference between catching and not.

The guides at the lodge have seen the river in acute low water conditions, full spate, and every condition in between. They pride themselves on being able to help visiting anglers catch in all states. The fishing at the lodge is fully guided, based on one guide per two anglers; however, rod sharing is possible.

Typical Fishing Day:
7.00 Breakfast
7.30 Guide pick up and start fishing
13.00 Stop for lunch and back to the lodge.
16.00 Afternoon fishing
22.00 Finish fishing and back to the lodge
22:30 Evening meal and drinks

Note: It is obligatory to register all catches in the fishing book, which can be found at the front of the fishing house.


The Rjúpnaás is the main lodge on the Nordura River, located on a hill of the same name. It is fully serviced, complete with food, bed linen and towels, with every care taken so that each visiting guest has a fantastic time and experience during their stay.

The lodge features fourteen spacious twin bedrooms complete with a bench, cupboards, bathroom and a shower, and the GO Form studio has designed each. Each room has been given a name of a particular fishing spot on the river, and a picture of each adorns the wall above the headboards. All have scenic views of the river.

The bedrooms are all located in the new sleeping wing, built next to the main house, where you’ll find the new lobby with a floor-to-ceiling viewing window and comfortable swivel chairs. The flooring and bar table are made of natural basalt, while the bar and interior are made of larch.

Part of the old living room has been renovated, with underfloor heating and a showpiece fireplace; a large window also offers a stunning view of the Laxfoss and Baula in the distance.

The sauna is another room that has been renovated, and there are spacious benches with indirect lighting, two showers and a toilet. Other features include a dedicated drying room and high-speed Wi-Fi.

Food & Drink

The dining room accommodates all the guests and anglers visiting Nordura for a communal meal. It features new tables, chairs and furniture on the wall. The acoustics have also been improved with wooden strips in the ceiling.

The food at the lodge is some of the finest quality available, with three meals prepared daily by a dedicated chef. For any food allergies, please let us know before you travel.

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The below itinerary is flexible should you require additional fishing days or additional free days to explore; we can tailor this itinerary to suit you personally. Feel free to talk to our travel consultants who can explain all options available.


Depart Any international Airport (See Details)

Arrive Reykjavik-Keflavik International

We can arrange a private transfer or a car hire (not included) to transfer you to the lodge.

Check-in time at the lodge is around 14:30

On arrival, the lodge manager will show you to your room, provide details of the fishing rotation and beat maps, and introduce you to your guide for your first evening’s fishing. You will leave the lodge with your guide around 3.30 pm by 4×4 vehicle to your beat for the evening. The fishing is based on two anglers per guide; however, rod sharing is available.

The afternoon/evening of fishing usually runs until around 9.00 pm, depending on your location on the river, as you’ll return to the lodge for your evening meal and drinks between 10.00-10.30 pm.

Overnight Accommodation: Rjúpnaás Lodge (Single Room) F/B


For the next 2 days, you’ll fish the delightful, magical Nordura River, which is undoubtedly one of the best Atlantic Salmon rivers in Iceland.  It offers anglers over 65 kilometres of water in which to wet a fly. It’s an incredibly diverse waterway, with something to suit the needs of all anglers, whether you wish to ‘stretch your line’ across large Rio Grande-esque bends or concentrate your efforts on a smaller technical pool, the river has it all.

Each fishing day, after breakfast, around 7.00am you will depart with your guide in one of the lodge’s 4×4 vehicles, fishing until around 1.00pm, when you’ll be transferred back to the lodge for lunch.

The afternoon/evening of fishing usually runs until around 9.00pm, depending on your location on the river, as you’ll return to the lodge for your evening meal and drinks between 10.00-10.30pm.

Overnight Accommodation: Rjúpnaás Lodge (Single Room) F/B


After a hearty breakfast, you will depart with your guide around 7.00am to fish your last morning session. After your morning session, it will be time to return to the lodge and have lunch, before packing up and starting your journey home.

Once you have checked out and paid any gratuities and bar bills you will be transferred back to the airport, by either a private transfer or your hire car (not included).

Depart Reykjavik-Keflavik International

Arrive Home


The season runs from June to September.

Atlantic Salmon

Season: June to September
Peak: July to August
Weight: 25lb
Average Weight: 9lb

Package Details

Prices from
per person


  • International Flights
  • Single Room Accommodation
  • Full board
  • 3 Days Fishing
  • Fishing Licence for 1 rod
  • Shared Guide


  • Airport transfers / Car Hire
  • Drinks
  • Tackle disinfection
  • Guide gratuities
  • Lodge gratuities
  • Fishing Tackle

Optional extras

  • Flight upgrades
  • Rod sharing
  • Additional fishing days available as either 2, 4 or 6 days fishing packages

Price Supplements

If you wish, it is possible to share a rod, which then means accommodation will be based on a twin room. If you are interested in rod sharing, please call our offices on 01603 407596.

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