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Tsimane Fishing Report Week 17 2023

HELI-FISHING In the eleventh week of the helifishing program, we received a beautiful group of nice people from the United States, a Farbank group hosted by Anil.  During the week we faced a big enemy: the weather. Extreme heat prevailed and a huge rain at the beginning of the week stained the rivers, but once again we took advantage of […]
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Tsimane Fishing Report Week 16 2023

HELI-FISHING This week, the tenth of the heli fishing program has been special. We had the pleasure of hosting famous photographer Matt Harris, old friend Bill “La Nutria”, new friends Paul and John—the first Dutchmen to visit our show—and local influencer Bianca Foianini. With them we were lucky enough to witness the advantages of having a helicopter at our disposal, […]

Tsimane Fishing Report Week 14 2023

HELI-FISHING In our eighth week of the helifishing program we were been honored to host repeat friends Bill and Ryan, both great anglers, and our new friends Kevin and Joel, all from the United States. We were also joined by our friend Quike “Biguá” Olivier, born in the world champion fútbol country. We shared very good experiences exploring new places […]

Tsimane Fishing Report Week 13 2023

HELI-FISHING In this, our seventh week of the helifishing program, we had the pleasure of receiving several repeat guests: Mussil’s father and son, Bob, all from the United States, and a couple from Russia, Alena and Oleg, who have shared many good times with us in every Tsimané destination. Both the weather and the fishing were on our side, and […]

Tsimane Fishing Report Week 12 2023

HELI-FISHING In the sixth week of the helifishing program, we were honored with the presence of a wonderful, fun, and experienced group of anglers from around the world: Jason and Tom from Canada, Alex from Germany, and Kyle from Wyoming in the United States. With this group we have shared beautiful experiences, including adventures in the canyons of some of […]

Tsimane Fishing Report Week 11 2023

HELI-FISHING In the fifth week of the helifishing program, we hosted a group of nine friendly fishermen, some from Australia and others from the United States. Led by Joshua, they alternated between heli and regular program, giving everyone the chance to experience different environments, from the headwaters where the rivers are small with crystal-clear waters, to those surrounding of the […]

Tsimane Fishing Report Week 10 2023

HELI-FISHING In our fourth week of the helifishing program, we had the honor of having a group from the United States, led by Luis. We also had Ray “the Beast” Malone for the second week in a row. We had good weather conditions and were able to fly to the furthest headwaters of our basin. On one hand, the full […]

Tsimane Fishing Report Week 9 2023

HELI-FISHING In our third week of the Helifishing Program we hosted a couple Brazilian friends, Pedro and Alina, for the second time. We also had Ray from Australia, also a repeat guest, as well as Mark from the United States. We were lucky enough to share very good fishing experiences, with catches of great Pacú on dry flies and very […]

Tsimane Fishing Report Week 8 2023

HELI-FISHING In this, our second week of the helifishing program, we have had the pleasure of hosting an incredible, good vibes group led by John. We managed to explore some of the rivers’ headwaters for the first time in the season, finding—despite the somewhat cold weather—good opportunities for both Pacú and Dorado. We keep experiencing amazing situations beyond only the […]

Tsimane Fishing Report Week 7 2023

Heli-fishing It was our first week of the second season of the helifishing program. We had the pleasure of hosting our friends Helmut and Vaidas, both repeats, who shared a good time and have been fishing with both us and Marcelo Perez. We had the chance to fish the headwaters of several of the rivers in our basin, with good results […]
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