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Tsimane Fishing Report Week 17 2023


In the eleventh week of the helifishing program, we received a beautiful group of nice people from the United States, a Farbank group hosted by Anil. 

During the week we faced a big enemy: the weather. Extreme heat prevailed and a huge rain at the beginning of the week stained the rivers, but once again we took advantage of the benefit of having a helicopter at our disposal. We were able to fish clear water every day and completed a successful week with good catches on top water.


The most recent chapter at Sécure Lodge was written by a group of eight guests, hosted by our dear friends Garrison and Corinne Doctor, the REP YOUR WATER owners.

The water was extremely low in the beginning, with hot weather conditions. Mid-week, a little rain rose the river just a bit, without bringing big changes in the visibility and the color of water.

We hiked far up to fish the headwaters from our out-camp. By prospecting structures, logs, and channels in the lower sections, with everyone working hard and using different flies and strategies, every angler had solid chances to land very good Dorado, Pacú, and Yatorana. We saw the big fish win many of the battles in both the main river and in both creeks, but anglers saw success on classic streamers and top-water flies.

The biggest fish of the week was a 21-pound Dorado.


On the 17th week of the season at Tsimané Pluma Lodge, we hosted five fishermen and four fisherwomen, hosted by our dear friend Meredith McCord.

As in previous weeks, the water level remained low due to the dry season in the Bolivian jungle, and crystal-clear water gave the crew perfect sightcasting conditions for Dorado and Pacú on dry flies.

On the third day of the week a big storm came and turned the water muddy. In spite of that, all the group fished well and returned home with their golden trophy.


This week we had a visit from two very good fishermen from Japan, Ichiro and So, and three from the United States, Senko, Pancho, and Nick.

After heavy rain at the beginning of the week the rivers began to slowly clear, giving us very good chances for Dorado and Pacú, mainly in the Agua Negra. Even with murky water, the Sécure River gave us the two largest catches of the week: two Dorado around 20 pounds. 

A few windy days at the middle of the week allowed us to catch very good Yatorana, more Dorado, and even three large Pacú on mouse flies.


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