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Best Sea Fishing Lodges in Norway to Target, Cod, Halibut and Coalfish

Many anglers travel to Norway in search of that once in a lifetime monster catch. With so many different destinations to choose from, we have narrowed the list down to our three top fishing lodges in Norway where we think the chances of catching a potential world record is at their greatest.

Many anglers travel to Northern Norway each year, all with different targets, some fish because they love catching fish, and some people are very focused on a certain species, and their sole aim is to beat their previous PB’s. Norway is a great country for anglers as there are so many different species to fish for. Still, the main draw to Norway must be Halibut fishing, Cod fishing, the ever-growing popularity, and the fishing for Coalfish.

We would class these species as the top three most targeted fish in Norway and attract lots of people. So with this in mind, we thought we would give you our top three destinations where we believe that targeting and catching a world record fish is a real possibility.

Our Top Sea Fishing Lodges in Norway

Skrei Cod: Sørøya

World-Record Cod – 104lb

Sørøya has become world-famous for the huge run of the monster Skrei Cod. These are subspecies of the coastal Cod that migrate to the very edges of northern Norway to the main spawning grounds. Here they gorge themselves on the massive shoals of Capelin to build up their energy ready for their yearly spawning. The Island of Sørøya is right in the Skrei Cods path and is the perfect spot for sport anglers from around the world to intercept them.

The season for the Skrei Cod is short. The Skrei Cod arrive in numbers from the end of February, and once they have spawned, they drift off around the middle to the end of April.

Sørøya is home to the current rod and reel caught world record Cod at 104lb, but we do not think that this will not last long as commercial boats have landed them over 110lb. If you are looking to chase that world record-sized Cod, Sørøya in northern Norway takes some beating.

HALIBUT:  Å On the Lofoten Islands

Norways Biggest Halibut – 418lb (according to the IGFA)

Å on the Lofoten Islands has over the years produced more fish close to the record than anywhere else we know of. So many anglers each year flock to Å with hopes of monster Halibut. Å on the Lofoten islands offers the chance to target a massive Halibut, not so many numbers of fish, but what they do catch tends to be big. If it’s the numbers you are looking for, then Havoysund would be a better choice.

The constant supply of baitfish and strong currents make Å on the Lofoten islands a top-rated destination for the travelling angler to visit to target the most powerful fish species in Norway.

The Halibut feed mainly on a diet of fish; however, there have been some pretty strange things found inside the Halibuts stomach, including Crabs, Starfish and even Puffins. Each year Å produces huge Halibut and has made a name for itself purely on the sheer size of the Halibut that get landed each year. If you are a true out and out specimen hunter and want that chance of the fish of a lifetime, then take a visit to Å.

COALFISH: Saltstraumen Bodo

World-record Coalfish – 22.7KG or 50lb

The home to the current world record Coalfish is Saltstraumen Bodo. This fish of 22.7KG or 50lb was actually caught from the shore near the main bridge. These fish are supercharged and attracts many anglers to Norway who loves their lure fishing. Growing in popularity, the Coalfish is a great sport fish, and in the right places such as Saltstraumen and Å on the Lofoten Islands, they can grow huge.

Anglers use many different methods from surface fishing vertical jig fishing and some big ones get caught on whole fish baits intended for the Halibut

Saltstraumen and Å do so well due to the maelstroms at each location, and with them being the biggest in the world, this pulls in shoals and shoals of Coalfish as they love the fast water. So where you find fast currents, you will find lots of Coalfish and normally big ones.

When you do fish destinations with these turbulent waters, and very productive method is topwater lure fishing with poppers or shallow diving lures, retrieved at a fair speed.

Northern Norway offers the travelling angler so many different aspects to a holiday. The scenery is simply breathtaking. The people are some of the friendliest on the planet, the air is crisp and clean, and sea fishing has to be the best on the planet.

What are your recommended Fishing lodges in Norway?

Other anglers would love to hear what you think is the best lodges in Norway which offer the best chance of landing yourself a potential world record from.

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