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SNook on fishing boat

Species Spotlight: Snook

The Snook is a fish that is targeted by many anglers due to its amazing taste and the fact it can provide great sport on light tackle. These fish are highly valuable to commercial anglers especially and their predatory nature means that they can be targeted using a wide variety of methods.

Name: Snook

Also known as: Baracouta, Sea Snoek, common Snook

Scientific name: Centropomus undecimalis

SNOOK Description

The Snoek is an elongated, silvery fish that can reach a maximum length of 2m and weigh up to near 20lb. Its scientific name is Thyrsites atun and it is called the Barracouta in New Zealand and Australia and this name gives you an idea of why it often a ‘game’ fish targeted by recreational anglers all over the world.

Average SNOOK size

The Snook can reach sizes of up to 20lb but the average size you are likely to catch is around the 8-9lb size.

Where to catch SNOOK

The Snook is a game fish that can be found around the coastline of America with Florida being a prime place to catch them. Another area to catch them is South Africa especially the western cape. Namibia is another area that holds large quantities of Snook and when fishing here you can sometimes get some phenomenal catches. Other places that hold large quantities of Snook include Australia and New Zealand.

SNOOK Fishing methods

Snook are normally targeted with bait, small fish are perfect for this with Sardines being a favourite. These can either be ledgered near or on the bottom or trolled on a downrigger type set up. Another way to catch Snook is to fish with jigs, fishing near or on drop-offs under the water is a fantastic method to snatch a fish or 2 and these can be fished either fast or slow. Snook are ambush predators that prefer to stay still and pounce on an unsuspecting prey, and current significantly helps them get more food with less effort which means that they love areas that have current, areas that will deliver food to them rather than them having to chase it.

A simple walk along a beach on can produce some fantastic sport. When beach fishing, be sure to remember that Snook will most often be facing into the current, so you’ll want to cast uptide so your presentation will be coming towards the Snook because that’s the same direction that natural prey to be coming from.

You can even find some great footage on our youtube channel of Sportquests very own, Peter Collingsworth, landing some Snook on the fly out in Cuba which can be found here.

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