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4 Anglers Tackle the Shore – Mozambique April Fishing Report

Its always exciting when we receive the first report from a brand new lodge that we have taken on. We knew that Baboon point was the prime spot for some fantastic species, but we were not prepared for this! Ill pass you over to the guide to sum up how well the fishing was this week!

Mozambique April Fishing Report

On a recent trip to Northern Mozambique, 4 keen anglers embarked on what has become somewhat of a pilgrimage. Due to Covid last year, the initial trip was cancelled however moved to last week. Hopes were high that the fish would be hungry and have a loss of memory for any lure. Baboon Point fishing lodge ensured all our needs were taken care of. One can truly appreciate all the hard work and effort that has been put into building the lodge.

Costa, our chef, ensured we were treated to solid meals which were quickly burnt off after each spinning session. The fishing was absolutely insane from the first throw. The pristine shores of Mozambique ensured we racked up a total of 20 different species with close to 300 fish being landed in 5 days. My highlight of the trip was a stunning yellow spot kingfish taken on the plug. My intention was to get a proper Geet or Cuta on a surface plug this trip and I persisted from day 1 with a plug.

We stopped at a good looking spot with a reef about 80m from shore and a good chop in the water. I got a good throw-in and proceeded to work the plug back. Immediately I had two hard hits and started to speed up the retrieve. After a bigger splash…the plug disappeared. Line started peeling and I knew this was a good fish! After a few minutes and some heavy head shakes, she was in the shore break.

Words can’t describe the colours on this fish! No Cuta or GTs on this trip but this certainly made up for it. The group managed some good fish. All were released to fight another day.

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