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Å, Lofoten Islands Fishing Report 1st June 2022

The past week is coming to an end at Å and we can already state that it has been incredible fishing. What makes this week a little special is really that there have been both many and large Halibut wherever we have chosen to fish for the day , the bays are good, the flakes are good, the tops are good and the gutters are good, the angling is good, the spin fishing is good… I think you understand! It’s a Halibut party here in Norway! Here on Å, there have been no exceptions.

On Thursday, the boats started fishing in the immediate area, and after a while we could hear reports coming in over the radio. Boat number 4 with HC in the lead, sang out a riddle on the radio, where the answer finally turned out to be a Halibut of 174cm! This Halibut had slaughtered a homemade jig deep down. The day continues at the same pace on the radio and one Halibut unleashes the other over the radio with a bunch of fish in the 130cm class at the top.

Saturday everyone was excited and we set off towards the outside with the boats, Stig from Maxel and Jiggstar who was here, took a turn with Alex and had a really fun fishing with light slowjigging rods that made the Halibut offer a wonderful struggle under high pressure.

Again we must not forget that when boat number 4 is at sea, then there is big fish on the schedule, when the other boats came ashore we found out how big the Halibut was they had landed but that it was big. The Halibut was 182cm and got to swim down to the depths again after a couple of quick pictures. Wonderful! What a suite they are starting to build in their boat but it will all get bigger!

On Saturday, the boats were met with sunshine, but with a lot of wind during the morning. We were in the guide boat and the other boats therefore chose to take a faster afternoon pass to make it home to the champions league in the evening. We in the guide boat started the day by focusing on big fish, a little difficult when you only have 4 hours but it is always worth a try. After a catchy fish just below measure, we see how Pelle hooks into something bigger! After a great fight where everyone cheered on and with a little classic hard rock at the highest volume, Pelle was able to salvage a solid fish of 157cm. New PB for Pelle with 3cm but it is still mandatory with PB bath.

Then to something completely incredible that happened in the afternoon ..! As usual in boat 4, fine fish are being landed every day, and after a relatively slow start, Gustav feels something sniffing at his jig, and he counteracts. Gustav can immediately feel that it is a smaller Halibut and takes it very calmly during the drill, the Halibut approaches the boat and when Gustav looks down into the water he can see that it is accompanied by a giant! An absolutely huge Halibut comes after the small flounder up to the boat, from a depth of 65 meters. It tears it to pieces. Gustav does his best to keep his head cool and realizes after a few seconds that it is not possible to hook it with the jig that is in the little flounder’s mouth.
Hc drops his baitfish into the chaos and pretty quickly the giant flounder sucks in it and then sucks in a jig that was on its way down with it, all this visually directly under the boat! The giant is hooked on both jig one and bait fish, and an exciting drill where two people had to oppose the queen of the sea takes place! The fight on two rods went gallantly and after a turn down to the bottom they were able to secure GIGANT # 4 on Å this year with a magical length of 230cm! What a fish and congratulations from all of us at NSA to boat 4 who got to see one of the coolest fishing stories we have heard where there is photo evidence!

The week is coming to an end and on the penultimate day it will be relatively spread out between the boats. We in the guide boat also want to try to lure a really big fish. Planning in the morning and then carrying it off. Once we have started the operation, we find a spot where it chops completely wild! After several fish in 90-100cm, we choose to move. The old men in the boat want to dance with a really big fish.
New plan and new location. After just a few minutes, it chops. After a real good fight, we land the fish at 149cm.

We change the operation and drive one last time. Double-hookup instantly! However, these were smaller fish and the old men in the boat who had been Halibut fishing all day could immediately determine that they were smaller fish. We go towards the harbor to rest until the last day after an incredibly fun and pleasant day out at sea! 3 double hook ups in the Guide boat!

The last day is coming. Now we really want to end the week with a blast. New plan and new investment. We put a drift in place, not much activity on the sonar. But the feeling is there. That a big fish will be coming soon. After a good while and a few drives afterwards, we see a larger echo rising on the sonar. The “crutch” in the boat indicates that something is on his rod, and the fight is on! After a really good and fun fight, the Halibut comes to the surface. This one is really big!

The last day, the last fish for the guide boat lands at 198cm!
We have had an absolutely incredible week up here on Å with both mass fishing and big fish! Thanks everyone for a really good week!


If you, like many others, have ever dreamt about fishing the prolific waters of Å on the Lofoten Islands and would like to know more information on how you can join us, you can contact our sea fishing specialist, Paul Stevens, on 01603 407596 or email at

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