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Awesome Autumn Cod Session Report At Nappstraumen

As many of us didn’t get our Norway fix this year, we have been trying to keep you all entertained with reports from both boat fishing holidays and shore fishing trips that could actually go-ahead. Hopefully, you have enjoyed them and its kept you going through these unusual times.

This report is from Johan as he is guiding clients out at Nappstraumen on the Lofoten islands and it looks like the bigger Cod are now showing up. Just wish I could be out there right now, but instead I am reading and writing about fishing. Anyway, I will hand you over to Johan and his recent report:

Awesome Autumn Cod Session At Nappstraumen Fishing Report

Now we have wonderful autumn weather here in Lofoten after an autumn storm that passed quickly. The day after to storm I certainly didn’t expect the Cod fishing to explode,  but it was really full speed on the cod and already after an hour of fishing my guests were happy for the day, the boxes were filled and several cod of 10kg + were landed with a top fish of 15kg! Brilliant sunshine and cold and fresh weather that made the cheeks turn red. What more could you want?

When we got back to the camp, I met the other guests who had instead focused on the halibut in Nappstraumen and they tell me about 2 that were landed with the largest at a full 154cm that took their rig at only 15 meters deep!

It has really been special to catch such large halibut in shallow water and it never goes wrong, year after year they come into Nappstraumen in the Autumn to fill themselves up on baitfish! Unfortunately, we only have a few days left before we close the camp for the season! But we will do our best to trick some more before we start aiming for a comeback for 2021 and hopefully can continue the business in the normal way again after this corona situation that has made it for us this year.

Stay tuned,

Johan Mikkelsen

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Great catch up Johan and I cant believe how quick this season has gone by, let’s hope we get more of a season next year and we see more great reports.

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We do still have the odd week available for the 2021 season at Nappstraumen in our luxury Cabins. If you would like to join us at the famous Lofoten Islands destination call us on 01603 407596 or email us

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