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Belousiha River Lodge Fishing Report 13th to 18th July 2019

This week on the Belousiha and Voronya river, saw some familiar faces. All of the anglers managed to land some fantastic Russian Atlantic Salmon on the fly.

Belousiha River 13/07/2019

Belousiha River Lodge have welcomed some old friends from England: John P and John C, Anthony, Colin, Victor, Andrew, Hiroshi (from Japan) and also two Peters, which are with us for the first time.

The beginning of the week was cloudy and rainy. Just before the arrival of guests was heavy rain. As a result, during a day the Belousiha rose by 15 cm and its level became slightly higher than an average, but within a week fell again. The temperature is 11-13 degrees. The water in the Voronya by the end of the week got warm from 7 to 10 degrees. The level is stable – which is average.

Fishing on both rivers differed. On the Belousiha it was stable. The fish were active, fresh and were caught every day covered in sea-lice. On the Voronya, fishing was much harder. The Salmon took flies very reluctantly. Sometimes to get the Salmon, we had to work very hard. All fish on the Voronya are caught on the lower island, there were also several lost fish. Sunray shadow, Green but, Collie dog worked better than others flies.

After rain on a high water on the Belousiha, Salmon numbers went up, Golden pool, Two stones, Swedish Table and Tube very well worked. But the lower part of the river also produced well. Both Glinka’s, the Birch and Obkom were stable. Nothing new: Stoat tail, Golden Willigun, Cascade were the top flies of the week.

Andrew spent two last days in search of a Brown Trout on the Belousiha. It was very much needed to get a great shot for the article in the magazine. The editor spent both days at Riverhead, in remote “sleeves”. He was successful with about 30 Trout. Also, we were surprised when an Atlantic Salmon took a tiny dry fly twice. The second take was successfully put to the landing net by himself.

Fishing was interesting and everybody caught a fish. Some caught more than expected. Hiroshi, put a 79 cm fish into Guido’s landing net in Canyon from height of 9 meters. John, not without effort, landed a fish on the last day at 17 pounds’ on his 7 weight rod. Several excellent Salmon on the Voronya were caught.

Records of week:

87 cm the Atlantic salmon caught on single-hand rod #7 on Cascade fly on the river Belousiha.

92 cm the Atlantic salmon caught on spey rod #9 on Black and orange fly on the river Voronya.

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