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Camp Bonaventure River & Fishing Report – 7th to 13th, June 2021

It’s open time! Finally, the doors have opened for this year’s river season on the Grand Cascapedia at Camp Bonaventure! This is one we have been waiting for with bated breath for months now!

7th to 13th, June 2021

As I’m writing this river report, sitting in the screened-in porch of The Club on the Bonaventure, I can’t help but admire my surroundings. The sun is shining, the birds are signing, the river is making its own beautiful music and the laughter of our kitchen/lodge staff is flowing through the camp. As difficult as circumstances have been this past year, we are so very fortunate to be back for another season.

We had the pleasure of welcoming home some great friends this past week at Camp Bonaventure, Salmon Lodge and The Club. To re-connect, laugh and share stories felt just as good as landing that first salmon of the season.

We were treated fairly on the weather front this week. We had our share of sun, fresh mornings, cooler nights and a day or two of strong undesirable wind. We were promised rain at the tail end of the week but perhaps it’ll make its appearance today… For early June, we are experiencing July conditions. The Bonaventure River is flowing at 25.7 cubic meters per second, the Grand Cascapedia is at 20.9 cubic meters per second and the Petite is flowing at 17.8 cubic meters per second. Although these are not all-time low levels, they are unfortunately lower than average for this time of our season. If anybody is owed a favour from Mother Nature, perhaps you could cash in on some rain for us here on the Coast.

The flies of choice for this week were a mixture of dry’s and small wets. Dark Blue and Brown bombers caught the salmon’s attention as the John Olin, Green Butt and Stone Ghost for the wet flies.

At this time I would like to introduce two new guides we have the pleasure of working with this season! Alexis Gagné will be guiding out of Salmon Lodge and Charles-Hubert Carré will be guiding out of The Club on the Bonaventure. Welcome to the team boys!

Until next week, here’s to health, happiness and tight lines.


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