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First Alaskan Grand Slam of The Season – Alaska West Lodge Fishing Report

This week saw some improved weather to previous weeks, there were also a lot more fish in the system than usual which was nice to see! This week even saw the first Alaskan grand slam of the season!

First Alaskan Grand Slam of The Season

During week 5, the weather started to cooperate with overcast skies, less rain, and even a slight breeze to keep the Alaskan State Birds away…kind of. We saw more King and Chum Salmon being caught. Sockeye Salmon were plentiful. One of our week five guests, Dylan J., even tagged the first Silver Salmon of the season. With that Silver Salmon, Dylan achieved the Alaskan Grand Slam!. Congratulations, Dylan!

Fly patterns, like the peach pink and white Trailer Trash, were effective on chrome Chum Salmon. For King Salmon, Color combinations Blue, Chartreuse, and white, and Chartruese and White were catching the eyes of King Salmon.

Many guests were very successful with skating mice patterns and swinging sculpins for Rainbow Trout in the back channels. Each bend has an enchanting allure about it. You fish one, then you see the next, thinking to yourself…” yep, there’s gotta be a fish in there.” Next thing you know, you have a long hike back to the boat than anticipated. All worth it. Also, Trout Spey has been very effective in the larger channels of the main river.

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