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First Sea Fishing report for 2021, Nappstraumen

With being able to fish Norway once again on the horizon, what better way to get excited than with the first Norway sea fishing blog of 2021! I’ll hand it over to the guides for their words from Nappstraumen!

Nappstraumen 2021

Now we have finally come out to sea with our first guests for 2021. Despite tough weather, it was with a big smile you got up in the morning to brew coffee for the first fishing day of the year!

The gang of nine men had booked two days of fishing where the first day was to go out on the hunt for Cod. The wind was fresh from the southeast, and we started looking for Cod from 60m and out into deeper water. We quickly found a small shoal where we started the day with a double cut. Then the shoal disappeared, and we started searching further. But it took a long time before we found a good shoal again. We searched the fish all the way out at a depth of 150m without any major success.

We heard from the professional fishermen that even they had a hard time finding the fish that day. Finally, we found another small shoal and immediately, we had a triple cut where we lost one, and the other two were in the 10-12 kilo class. After that, this shoal also disappeared. One boat drove in to test a little on the Halibut instead, and not long after, they were able to report a nice Halibut of 93cm. Shortly after, we also landed a bonus halibut of 83cm, which took on deep water when we fished for Cod. After this rather tough start, we steered back to Nappstraumen, but now the focus was no longer on Skrei but now the talk went on Halibut!

Day 2 thus became a day where we stopped in the immediate area and focused on halibut as the weather would also be even tougher this day. I went out with another boat, and after quickly going through the technology on the bridge, it took no more than 30 seconds before the other boat shouts that they need “halibut assistance”! We who barely made it down with our jigs…
There stood Bjørn with a heavy swing and a big smile on his lips, he who had never caught halibut before. I jump into the boat and get ready with the Halibut hook. A large halibut comes up, and as soon as I secure the Halibut along the side of the boat, it is cheered and congratulated on this fantastic start! We measure it to 123cm, a great start to today’s Halibut investment!

Then we see several “climbs”, i.e. halibut that goes up and looks at our jigs without chopping. The fish is here! Now it’s just a matter of waiting until the next chopping period. As we only lie and fish a few minutes from the camp, we decide to go in for lunch. When we leave, Bjørn strikes again and lands another halibut of smaller calibre. After the lunch break, they managed to land another 82cm, and the last boat that took a well-deserved sleep in the morning went out and hooked in a stable Halibut in the 30 kg class this afternoon. Unfortunately, they lost this right at the boat’s edge. But that it will be a good fishing story, I promise!

There was no talk that the gang had suffered from “Halibut chills”, which is so fantastic here in Nappstaumen. Even though the Cod has not come here, we can still have fantastic halibut fishing just a few minutes from the camp!

According to the professional fishermen, the cod seems to be a little late this year. We just hope that it is here soon so we can experience the fantastic cod fishing that we usually have here in Lofoten. However, we have heard that commercial fishermen down here in Lofoten have gained several over 40kg, so now we have set our sights on this! If you also want a chance at Skrei in this calibre, do not hesitate to contact us.

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