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First Soroya Norway Sea Fishing Report Of 2021

The guys over at Soroya have been testing the waters and it looks like the huge Skrei are there in numbers. The guides then decided to give their arms a rest and target the butts…… Well we will let them tell you the story below!

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First Sesh – First Biggens

We have had a lot of wind the last weeks, so there hasn’t been a possibility to go out fishing. Today the weather forecast looked alright, so Sten and I went out and we had an absolute blast!
First up was the cod!

After a short trip driving we found some decent marks. First drop of the season is always very special! Little did we know that this was a big-fish school! The jig was taken on the drop! After a quick fight, a 15kg Cod broke the surface. Decent fish indeed! Now Sten was hooked up with something that felt like a giant. It put up a good fight, and when it was 10m left, we saw two fish… One of them was a fat pig tho, so we had to weigh that one. 23 beautiful kegs of spawning ready Skrei. A really good fish to start the season!

I hook up with 2 giants that got off, but this was clearly Stens day! Why you may ask? Well we’ll come back to that real soon…

The wind picked up and we decided it was time to go for some butts. After a short drive we dropped our Sandeels down to 45m, and as soon as Sten hit the bottom he had something heavy on. We quickly realised it was a Halibut and not a small one! It took off with about 70m of line in the first run! After some pumping, the Halibut once again turned around and swam down to 65m depth! I told Sten that this is a 30+ with a guarantee! When the Halibut surfaced I saw that this is a beautiful Halibut, and it measured 146cm! A new PB for Sten and a perfect way to start the fishing season for Sten, and a really good start of the guiding season for me!

We hope you all stay safe and healthy!
Welcome to the first big fish adventure of 2021!


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What a great days fishing guys, and thanks for the little report. I am sure many of our anglers are gagging to get out there to see you and get to experience that feeling once again. I am sure it won’t be long but please keep us all updated with your little reports.

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