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Halibut in all the boats at camp Nappstraumen!

Another amazing week in Norway comes to an end, and the fishing is continuing to blow our minds! I’ll now hand it over to Nordic Sea Angling for this weeks Nappstraumen Round up.

All boats saw a Halibut!

The autumn weather is starting to come to northern Norway with everything from fantastic days where the sun shines and fishes that bite to autumn rush with rain, wind and sluggish fishing. After all, it is the truth that even here in northern Norway we have sluggish days and whoever says anything else is wrong! Then you can add that a sluggish day in northern Norway is still a fantastic day compared to many other places around the world!

Lately here in Nappstraumen, there has been really good cod fishing on the outskirts where fishing has been at its peak! Yesterday also offered really nice weather so it was time for a long trip with the sights set on Halibut. It was a wonderful day at sea where we were treated to a colorful rainbow, sea eagles and fantastic views.

However, the fishing was more difficult than we had hoped for, many follows and small fish but difficult to get them to bite. Despite this, a Halibut was reported among the boats and when the day was over, all 5 boats had managed to land Halibut where the best boat managed to land 4 with 110cm being the best.

However, the large Halibut shone with their absence this day. But we know that the later in the season we go, the greater the chance of landing those really big ones! Now we cross our fingers that the water temperature is falling and we get to see more big Halibut on the reports from here!

Now, unfortunatly, some real bad weather is expected to pull in over Lofoten, so from now on the only fishing will be near the camp. As soon as it has calmed down again, we are out on the big blue in search of new fantastic experiences!

Tight lines,
Johan Mikkelsen & Calle Hjelm

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