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Kendjam Fishing Report 25th August 2023

At our 8th week of the season, the water was just perfect for sight casting in all sectors.

We hosted 4 couples and all anglers put in the work and went home with lots of new species checked on their bucket list.

Regarding the girls, they did an awesome job giving no chance for the big peacocks, Matrinxas and Bicudas. Kendjam is becoming one of the girls anglers´ favorite destinations with lots of sight casting opportunities and many different tactics. We see more and more anglers learning about the Brazilian Amazon Jungle fly fishing experience, and some of them want to come back every year.

The Highlights of the week were Rachel and Kate, who landed some huge peacocks; and Ray Malone, who landed a 22 plus pounder wolfish, probably one the biggest we have ever seen in Kendjam waters.

Water Conditions:

Water Color – Crystal Clear

Water Level – Low, Dropping very slow now

Weather Conditions:

Temperature – Average 29 C

All Beautiful sunny days 

Fishing stats:

Group: 8 anglers

Total number of fish landed this week: 512

Biggest fish landed this week:

Wolf Fish: 92 cm 

Peacock Bass: 64 cm 

Mantrinxã: 51 cm

Pacu Borracha: 44 cm 

Bicuda: 87 cm


If you fancy doing battle with the hard-fighting species of the Amazon basin, then Kendjam Lodge is a destination for you. If you’d also like any further information, you can contact our fly fishing specialist Peter Collingsworth on 01603 407596 or email at

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