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Kendjam Fishing Report 25th July 2022


a) Water Color – Almost clean.

b) Water Level – Still dropping.


Our water is still going down and the fish are coming up. Our friends from Mexico did an amazing job and caught almost every species in the river. Some huge Peacocks showed up again this week, which means great action is on its way.

The size of the Bicudas this season is on another level, so if you don’t have a bicuda on your bucket list, that needs to change soon!
The highlight of our week was the 82 cm. Bicuda caught by the legend Nicolas – congrats brother!

Total number of fish landed this week:243 
Biggest fish landed this week:

Wolf Fish 82 cm 

Peacock Bass 66 cm 

Mantrinxã 44 cm 

Pacu Borracha 41 cm 

Pacu Prata 39cm 

Bicuda 82 cm


If you fancy doing battle with the hard fighting species of the Amazon basin, then Kendjam Lodge is a destination for you. If you’d also like any further information, you can contact our fly fishing specialist Peter Collingsworth on 01603 407596 or email at

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