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King week on the water! – Havøysund Fishing Report

We come to end of another week out in the one and only Havoysund – Although this week was struck with bad luck with hook up ratios, this didn’t stop the guys on the guide boat!

King week on the water!

We just had a really wonderful summer week here in Havöysund, when we just started to lose hope of good weather, it turned around and I do not think it was below 15 degrees out all week. The sea has been like a mirror most of the week and as usual, a lot of Halibut has come up here in the realm of flatfish.

At the beginning of the week, all the boats were mostly in an area that had previously delivered a record amount of Halibut. As usual, brutal amounts of Halibut have been caught there and if we are to talk about such numbers, it is completely incomprehensible to most people how there can be so many Halibut in one and the same place, time and time again. The top fish during the first session down there was a really nice piece for the guys in boat 4 who spin fished and had fish up to 167 centimeters, but otherwise the average size of the fish was actually slightly smaller than previous weeks, however, many nice fish still came up to 130 centimeters.

We had a new moon and rising days towards it during the weekend, so it was very calm in the sea, especially considering that we had no wind. What was most remarkable was that the Halibut became very careful and the Cod fishing was completely stopped, everyone had a very hard time finding any Cod at all. But fish came up on the assembly line anyway and everyone at the camp fished for many hours catching mostly Halibut. Kent, in boat 8, still managed to land a nice fish of 155cm, and many times a so-called “old man” blesses the day with a bite. After the weekend there were other troubles and when we had gone through a day with a little wind and the current had started, then it was finally time for a heavy swing.

On Tuesday, we went to a really good big fish spot and we were a stable armada of 5 boats that invested everything we had. Once in place directly in the morning, Daniel and the guys in boat 6 were on the fish right away and Victor who made his absolute first trip up here, and during the week landed a PB of 107cm, was now ready and hooked on the first drift in a supportive piece… After a good fight and Halibut fever that boiled in the body, they could land the first 50+ flounder of his life at a nice 157cm, really fun!

I drove the Tajtlajn gang in boat 7 and we did wait long, when we get over the first back in our first drift, Andreas’ reel starts to creak and he puts the circle hook into a REALLY heavy fish. After a couple of heavy swings and the fish started to speed up, so the line snapped… really dull but damn we felt that the day had more to give so we got up and continued to fish. However, it did not take more than one drift and Andreas took a nice revenge fish of 115cm, but it was just a very small patch on the wound. A couple of hours later, Fidde was up and running along an edge that is not unknown for holding big fish, a really fat echo came in along the bottom, Fidde who only runs jigs did all the tricks in the book and SMACK ,fish on , I immediately saw that this was a really fat fish, after a couple of swings, this time it just came loose. Sickly sad to lose another big fish but I promised the guys that we would go for another nice fish before the day was over…

When we started to approach the end of the day, we were at the top of the tide, fish began to be caught in all boats of smaller size, however, there was a nice fish of 147cm that my colleague Andreas poked up. But it felt like something was wrong on the guide boat, I set up a new drift and we all in the boat got a really good feeling, when we approached a couple of good structures and the bait fish faded on the sonar, it creaked with a sick speed in Andreas’ reel and he put the hook in a real cannon firre. A couple of strong rushes later, Andreas lifted the fish and we landed a fining of 167 centimeters which then had to put a punch for a really KING week and in addition to all the nice fish that everyone caught, we also got a really good tan!

Tight Lines // Douglas Dahlberg & Andreas Hugsén

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