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Nappstraumen, Fishing Report 28th September 2023

The autumn fishing continues and delivers here in Nappstraumen. The weather has been very good, except for the last two days when the fishing has been somewhat limited. The first few days we focused on Cod fishing. It can be a bit challenging at this time of the year, as they are not very hungry. But after some testing, we found some deeper ground peaks, where there were lots of eager Cod.

Most weighed between 6-10kg. George, who fished with a dead bait coalfish, landed the largest Cod, which weighed in at 18.5 kg. A very good catch for this time of the year. When fishing with slightly smaller jigs, we’ve caught a lot of Coalfish, not the very largest ones but nice fish up to about 6kg.

Kristian, who was with a group of Swedes, has had some nice sessions fishing for Halibut in the nearby area. In shallower waters, they landed a good number of Halibuts, with 2 measuring 110cm at the longest. When the wind picked up, they fished for Plaice in the last few days. The guests got to experience this exciting type of fishing, and eventually caught some nice flatfish.


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