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Pirarucu Lodge – End Of Season Fishing Report 2021

We have just come to the end of this years season at Pirarucu Lodge, and to say it’s been an amazing season would be an understatement. We would like to praise the amazing conservation work from the guides and Untamed Angling and we look forward to seeing what 2022 brings.

End of Season Report 2021

This season was a new beginning for us, and seeing happy and healthy fish was a great way to bring in a new year.

We were greeted by an unforgettable season with amazing fish and anglers alike. For comparison, we had only two fish above the 2 meter mark in 2015, and this year, we had 28. It makes us think that our work to conserve the fishery is paying off!

A special thanks is due to the guides who worked hard to make this the best season we’ve ever had! In addition to our hard-working guides, all of our customers who believed in our work from the start are owed special thanks as well. Big thanks to everyone, and for those who don’t know, be sure to check out Pirarucú Lodge next season to tangle with a monster!

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