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Pluma Lodge Week 16 – Tsimane 2021 Fishing Report

With an excellent weather forecast and conditions, everything looked great for the group of American anglers visiting this week, eight of whom had never landed a Dorado before.

Pluma Lodge – 21/09/2021

Here at Pluma Lodge, we hosted a group of nine American anglers this week, eight of whom were new to fly fishing for Dorado. We were also joined by our good friend Greg, who was visiting us for the third time.

Luckily we were blessed with excellent weather throughout the entire week, with only a little rain on Thursday night, which saw water levels in the river rise and colour, but nothing to affect the fishing too much.

Every stretch throughout the week produced an excellent array of medium-sized fish, with a selection of Dorado over 20lb. The biggest landed was a fish of 24lb caught by Elmer on the lower Pluma, just before the high water.

The upper Pluma was low and conditions technical, but we still managed plenty of fish in the 5lb to 6lb range.

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