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Rio Marié Lodge Fishing Report – 10th To 17th October 2021

Another fantastic week at Rio Marié Lodge in Brazil, although this week started with some rain that added some slight colour to the water, this didn’t stop the Marie anglers landing some fantastic Peacock Bass species on the fly.

Rio Marié Lodge – 10/10/2021

Weather: Our week was warm with some overcast days and strong rain. 
Temperatures between: 22 and 30ºC 
River Conditions: As we started the week, the river rose from some strong rain that fell from the week prior and even continued into the week. This made the river slightly off colored. 

Fishing Conditions: After fishing for a few days in the lower part of the Turi and Marie, we descended from the confluence and finished in the lower section of the Marie. This week, we shared some great experiences with our guests, who are undoubtedly hooked on fishing the Marie! 

Fishing Stats:
Number of Anglers: 12
Butterflies Peacock Bass caught: 257
Speckled Peacock Bass caught: 46
Speckled Peacock Bass Over 10lbs: 10
Speckled Peacock Bass Over 15lbs: 7
Speckled Peacock Bass Over 20lbs: 2

Highlight of the Week: This week was a testament to the true spirit of how exciting fly fishing in the jungle can be. With 12 guests, each with different hopes and goals, we managed to exceed their expectations with amazing fishing and awesome company. We are proud to have been able to help them reach their dreams! Congratulations Marie anglers!

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