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Secure Lodge week 4 – Tsimane 2021 Fishing Report

Even tho the week didn’t look too promising weather wise, it was great to see the floods and rain disappear throughout the week, giving the anglers some amazing shots at fish.

Secure Lodge Week 4

We hosted a group of 6 anglers coming from the United States in our third week.

The week began with a high flood due to rains in the mountains but after that, the river dropped to its regular level throughout the week. Water temperature was cold, but despite that, the Dorado were active in the lower and upper section. We got many Dorado and also some Yatorana with big patterns

We made two camps divided into two different groups, the first one led by Curt. 4 fishermen went up by midweek and the fishing was great, our guests had many situations of feeding frenzies, taking advantage of that, they caught many Dorado in the crystal clear headwaters of the Secure River. Also, some nice Pacu showed up despite the cold water.

At the end of the week, Jessica and Danny went camping and the fishing in the headwaters was nice. Danny got 3 big fish on a single day, two of them right in our feet, while the Dorado was hunting Sábalo on the shores.

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