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Stunning Weather, Excellent Halibut Fishing & A Big Group at Nappstraumen

Finally, some guests have arrived at one of our Nordic Sea Angling destinations. Nappstraumen located on the Lofoten Islands is a mecca for Halibut hunters and each year new areas are found that hold huge fish. The accommodation is first class, the guides are all very experienced and we have some of the best top quality tackle to hire.

I will hand you over to Guide Calle for his first report of the year…..

Now we have finally got some guests here in Nappstraumen. This after a few months of inactivity. Our guides have been involved in the maintenance of boats and cabins. So that everything is in top trim. This week we have had a wonderful bunch from Helgeroa Deep Sea Fishing Club with Per in the lead. They come as a group of 19 people who drive 5 boats and they have fished hard. Most of the guests have focused on halibut this week, but there has also been a lot of fine cod up to 18 kg and fine Coalfish up to 11 kg during the week. Several halibut have come up with a top fish of 122 cm. Other halibut have been between 70 and 90 cm. Some haddock and wolffish have also been found to be biting. One of the boats was fortunate enough to see a Killer Whale family show up near the boat. But the icing on the cake has been the fantastic weather we’ve had. Three out of six fishing days it has been completely mirror-calm on the Northside of the Lofoten.

One of the first days, a boat decided to go out and test fishing for halibut at night when it would turn out to be magical weather and cruel good fishing. They asked our guide Calle where he thinks they would go and try. He showed them a place where there is usually good fishing at this time of year and it turned out to be good. For that boat had fine fishing when they got a total of five Halibut and the largest was at 122 cm that night.

It feels good to be up and running. Now it will be a couple of days break before the next bunch of Norwegians arrive.

Tight lines //


Thanks Calle and great to hear from you, hope you are keeping safe and lets hope for an excellent summer ahead. We have got a few weeks still available at Nappstraumen for 2021 so if you and your friends are looking for your next escape then I would strongly recommend this destination. Get in touch with me on 01603 407596 or email me

If you are not fortunate enough to have a group of friends to travel with then we have some space on our 2021 Fully Hosted Nappstraumen holiday for July.

Look forward to speaking with you soon, tight lines


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