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Golden dorado

Tsimane 2019 Fishing Report Week 2

We had another great week of fishing at Tsimane this week. It has been a memorable season so far, and fishing has also been strong at Kendjam.


Pluma Lodge Fishing Report

This week at Pluma Lodge we welcomed five anglers — all from the U.S. It was Craig’s and Tony’s third trip to Pluma Lodge, and it was great to have them back. We were also joined by Mark, Brian, and Brooke, who all visited Tsimane for the first time.
The weather was good for the entire week, and we generally had chilly mornings and warm afternoons.
For the first half of the week on the Lower Pluma, we saw some aggressive behavior from the fish and even witnessed some feeding frenzies. We caught some fish in the 15- to 18-pound range while fishing to these aggressive fish. On the Pluma, Mark targeted a feeding frenzy and caught a Dorado that was roughly 20 pounds. These sections are still showing a healthy population of smaller fish in the 3- to 6-pound range.
The upper sections of the river required technical fishing due to extremely clear water. The low and clear water required stealthy approaches to every spot, and long casts and careful presentations were essential. On the Upper Itirizama, Brian got the chance to sight cast to and land another 20-pound Dorado.

Secure Lodge Fishing Report

This week at Secure lodge we welcomed seven guests, and six of them were from England. The group was hosted by Peter and Breno  — both have been joining us for many seasons and have become friends.
The week began with a little rain upstream, giving us a first fishing day with milky water. However, the water cleared up very quickly. Temperatures were cold at the beginning of the week but then rose progressively each day until we got into a normal range.
All of the anglers (with the exception of Breno) made camps at the headwaters where they encountered fish of all sizes. The dry fly fishing was fantastic, the Dorado engaged in feeding frenzies, and fish were hooked everywhere from tiny pocket water to skinny riffles and more. And with careful approaches and delicate presentations, we had great success, including a 24-pounder.
On the lower sections, fishing the structure and going deep was the key. On these sections, we caught a good number of fish ranging from 4 to 15 pounds, and we also had a 22-pounder eat from the surface.
The week came to a perfect end on the last day: Peter took one shot at a fish on Ashahana Creek, and one cast and two strips later (which is all that this situation would allow), a beautiful 28-pound Dorado was hooked, fought, and landed.


Agua Negra Lodge Fishing Report

This week at Agua Negra we enjoyed having four friends from Indianapolis.
The weather was very good for the entire week with cool nights and comfortable days. The water was low, clear, and consistent.
Ken, John, Dan, and Martin spent four days fishing the Main Secure and Chimoro and two days hiking the Agua Negra. There were a good number of fish found in the Secure and lots of shots at fish in the Agua Negra.
The Chimoro fished very well and gave us the chance to land many small- and medium-sized fish, and we had a lot of fun hiking the small, clear tributary.
The biggest fish of the week was caught by Ken — a 20-pound Agua Negra Dorado.
Golden dorado
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