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Golden Dorado

Tsimane 2019 Fishing Report Week 5

More great sight fishing and dry fly action in the Bolivian Amazon at Tsimane!

Pluma Lodge Fishing Report


We had seven guests this week at Pluma Lodge: Chris, Jerry, Mark, Marco, Tom, and Thomas — all friends who travel together — as well as Murray, who was with us for the second time.


The weather was ideal, with beautiful sunny days, and the water was very clear and low.
We encountered some pretty big fish and had multiple chances at some that were over 25 pounds as well as some big pacu.


The lower sections are still showing more quality than quantity of fish. The upper sections continue to be as good as it gets with crystal clear and very low water. We’ve consistently had great sight casting opportunities to very large fish on the upper sections.


Agua Negra Lodge Fishing Report


We had some really good fishing last weekat Agua Negra Lodge with Mike, Don, Paul, and Graham.
The weather was really good during the whole week with just a little rain in the middle, which did not impact the fishing. The temperatures were high with very comfortable nights.
We spent most of the time hiking and fishing the Agua Negra, searching for feeding frenzies and sight fishing for really good dorado.


Two nights of camping out on the Upper Agua Negra gave us the chance to be in the middle of many feeding frenzies, and we had some great success here.
The water on the Upper Agua Negra was very low and clear, and for this reason, stealthy approaches and delicate presentations were critical.


We landed many small- and medium-sized fish as well as some really big ones.
During the week we landed four pacu and more than five dorado over 20 pounds. The biggest fish of the week was a 24-pound dorado on the Upper Agua Negra caught by Graham.


Secure Lodge Fishing Report


The Secure Lodge hosted five guests this last week, all of them friends who traveled from Argentina, Chile, and Brazil.
The weather was hot all week, and temperatures increased the last two days.


At the beginning of the week, we found a new run of fish coming up the lower section, where we had a lot of fun catching dorado on the surface! It was a productive week fishing dry flies in very low and clear water, with slightly rising temperatures.
Overall we had a lot of shots at fish, and the rising dorado ranged from 4 to 15 pounds. Very cool!


As the water got warmer, we had better conditions for finding active pacu close to the surface. This was ideal for sight fishing, and we ended up having a good number of hookups, including with a 19- and a 22-pounder.


With fresh schools of dorado in the area and general temperatures getting better for the pacu, it was a great week for fishing at Tsimane.
Golden Dorado
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