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Golden Dorado

Tsimane 2019 Fishing Report Week 6

It was another great week of fly fishing in the Bolivian Amazon at Tsimane. We caught some giants!

Pluma Lodge Fishing Report


This week we welcomed a group of nice friends to Pluma Lodge led by Tom. With Tom were Ezra, Ken, Coll, Frank, Anderson, John, Richard, and Allan, and this group has a history of fishing together and was excited to take their first trip to Tsimane.


The weather this week remained good with sunny and warm conditions, and the water was low and clear. Very good overall.


The big fish were definitely in the system this week with six fish caught that were over 20 pounds and two fish caught that were over 30 pounds! Our skilled anglers got it done. Additionally, we had four Pacu over 20 pounds landed as well — all caught sight fishing with streamers.


The lower sections of the river had most of the big fish activity, and the upper sections, like last week, had the best water colour and levels. It’s a very technical environment, but it can be very rewarding for anglers looking for a challenge.


Agua Negra Fishing Report


This week at Agua Negra we enjoyed the company of four very good anglers — Max, Clark, Vance, and Cameron.


We had rain at the beginning of the week, which increased the level of the rivers and made the water dirtier, but we landed a good number of fish trying to spot them by looking for fins and tails. And by the end of the week, all of the rivers started clearing up, and the fishing got even better.


All of our guests caught some really nice Dorado, and there were also many chances to take on Pacu and Yatorana.


The biggest fish of the week was caught by Clark at the very end of the last day. It was an impressive fish — a 24-pound Dorado on the Lower Agua Negra.
Great anglers, great fishing, great week!


Secure Lodge Fishing Report


Our week at Secure Lodge began with a normal day on the Upper Secure for the seven guests we welcomed.
After Saturday, there was some rain far up the system, which dirtied the water and slowed the fishing some midweek. However, things picked up after that, and on the last three days, the river had plenty of Dorado and great sight fishing in the shallow areas of the river. The Dorado were moving a great deal and even chasing Sabalo close to the banks.


We also had good fishing for pacu. Some nice fish were lost, but we ended up landing five good fish — all of them from 14 to 17 pounds.


The biggest of the week was a giant 28-pound Dorado caught on the upper section of the river. Additionally, a 24-pounder was caught in the tributaries.


With clear water returning and Pacu getting more active near the surface, we’re looking forward to possibly having more Pacu surface action in the weeks ahead.


Tsimane Pacu
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