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Golden Dorado

Tsimane 2019 Fishing Report Week 8

More great fly fishing for Dorado and Pacu in the Bolivian Amazon!

Secure Lodge Fishing Report


We welcomed six guests this week to Secure lodge — five from Argentina and one from the United States.


Due to some hard rains that impacted water conditions, we had a slow first day; however, normal conditions returned quickly with the water becoming clearer each day. 


With fish holding in structure on the lower section and in deep pools on the upper section, the key for connecting with the big ones was concentrating on these specific areas.


On the last day of the week, some rain the previous night brought in a number of fish, and there were fat fish seemingly everywhere. The Pacu were especially active, and wind and warm water upstream led to some outstanding surface action. Among the fish caught, anglers landed a 15- and 17-pound Pacu.
The biggest fish of the week was a 25-pound Dorado caught in a riffle that was only about 20 inches deep.


Pluma Lodge Fishing Report


This week at Pluma lodge our longtime friend Ian with seven of his friends — Mark, Joshua, John, Matt, Jeb, Pete, and John D. 


The weather was sunny and warm, and we had low and clear water conditions. Very good conditions overall. 


For half of the week, the Lower Pluma offered good feeding frenzies and fish with aggressive behavior. This gave us the opportunity to catch fish in the 15- to 18-pound range. Another good fish of roughly 20 pounds was caught on the main Pluma, also while fishing a feeding frenzy.
These sections are still showing a healthy population of smaller fish in the 3- to 6-pound range. The lower sections were the most productive when it came to quality of fish, with about five or six fish over 20 pounds landed.
The upper sections required technical fishing due to extremely clear and low water. These conditions required stealthy approaches to each spot, long casts, and delicate presentations. Matt sightcasted to and landed one of the biggest of the season with this approach in these waters.


Agua Negra Lodge Fishing Report


This week at Agua Negra Lodge we enjoyed hosting a group of great anglers from the U.S. — Timothy, Paul, Brian, and Brian’s wife, Sonya —during one of the best weeks of the season. This week, the weather and the water conditions were really good, with some very hot days but outstanding fishing.


The Agua Negra was the incredible for most of the week. With two nights of camping, we landed many big dorado and some really nice pacu. The main river was a bit slower at the beginning of the week, but it turned on by the end.


We landed more than 6 fish over 20 pounds as well as four big Pacu and many small- and medium-sized fish.


The biggest fish of the week was caught by Brian — a 25-pound Dorado on the Upper Agua Negra.
Golden Dorado
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