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Tsimane Fishing Report Week 11 2023


In the fifth week of the helifishing program, we hosted a group of nine friendly fishermen, some from Australia and others from the United States. Led by Joshua, they alternated between heli and regular program, giving everyone the chance to experience different environments, from the headwaters where the rivers are small with crystal-clear waters, to those surrounding of the lodge where there is concentration of fish and feeding frenzies. The fishing was very good until the middle of the week when we had a heavy rain that prevented us from going out one day. It took another day for the water to clear, then we were able to finish with an excellent last two days.


The 11th week in the upper Sécure began with clear water and sunny days. After the first day, a consistent rain the second night made the water rise, increasing water levels in the river and both creeks, and giving us extra chances everywhere with fish moving and taking flies on surface. All the fishermen found feeding frenzies in the flats and structures downstream and were able to connect with both medium and large-sized Dorado in those situations.

In the headwaters above the outcamp, we were able to walk far up, playing all the time that great game where the sight fishing is the rule. As a result, awesome Golden Dorado were landed on the beaches.

We also had good opportunities with pacú, landing some and losing others as they took flies with short strikes. The biggest fish of the week was a 22-pound Dorado.


On the 11th week of the season at Pluma Lodge we hosted anglers from South Africa, Canada, and the USA. The week started with hot weather conditions, giving us good sight fishing for Dorado and Pacú.

After one rainy day the water turned muddy, making the fishery good for both streamers and popper patterns. After that, good weather conditions allowed all our anglers to catch their golden trophy.


After a big rain we had favorable weather during the first two days of the week and we took full advantage of it, fishing the Agua Negra and Chimoro before another rain made the rivers dirty again. 

Fishing was good during the four days that the rivers were in good condition, and we found good shots at fish by hiking to the upper parts of the tributaries. We had a good number of chances on Dorado and several Pacú, we managed to catch more than six fish over 15 Ibs., a big pacú, and several medium-size Dorado. The biggest fish of the week was an 18-Ib. Dorado in the lower Agua Negra.


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