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Tsimane Fishing Report Week 14 2023


In our eighth week of the helifishing program we were been honored to host repeat friends Bill and Ryan, both great anglers, and our new friends Kevin and Joel, all from the United States. We were also joined by our friend Quike “Biguá” Olivier, born in the world champion fútbol country. We shared very good experiences exploring new places with them, and despite the heat of the week the fishing was on our side, with good catches.


The fourteenth chapter of the season was shared in Sécure Lodge with a team of fishermen hosted by Justin Miller from The Fly Shop.

The week began with two days of cool weather, with the temperatures dropping so the water wasn’t as warm as in recent days. This situation made the pacú fishing slower than the average for this time of the season because the fish are much more sensitive, becoming quieter when that kind of changes happens. Regardless, fishing deep pools—typical pacú places—and going down with fruit imitations, the guests landed some and also lost some of them.

The low water level made the dorado game very technical and it was a challenge everywhere. Despite that, everybody got chances both up and down stream, fishing the lower spots and channels from canoes and walking quite a bit on the upper beats. We found nice yellows along the beaches and both landed and lost fat fish during feeding frenzy situations. And as the highlight of the week, the last day gave us a marvelous 24 pounder, landed by Brian Wise on the upper section.


On the fourteenth week of the season at Pluma Lodge we hosted six American and two Australian anglers. Water levels reached the lowest of the season due to the dry season, and all rivers in the system were crystal clear, perfect for sight casting situations.

All of the crew made the most of these conditions, catching big dorado and yatorana on streamers. In addition, fruit dropping from jungle trees made pacú fishing on ball patterns was very good and fun.


After many days without rain, the waters of the Sécure were good for the first couple of days and then—after many days of heat and low water—the fishing became more difficult. 

Both the Agua Negra and Chimoro gave us the largest number of catches and very good chances of dorados and pacú. 

By the end of the week we landed more than six dorado around 15 Ibs. and three around 20 Ibs., two large pacú, and many yatorana.


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