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Tsimane Fishing Report Week 6 2022

Heli Fishing

Our first exploratory week of the helifishing program was very exciting. We had a group of four American anglers, and were lucky to have five perfect days, both to fly and to fish the headwaters of our basin, where clear waters allow for sight fishing. We had success with surface flies for Pacú, Golden Dorado, and Yatorana. The last day we had rain that muddied the rivers, forcing us to fish structures instead of sight cast.

Pluma Lodge

This week we said welcome to eight guests: Harry, Peter, Tom, and Joe from England and Ronald, Marc, Greg, and Niall from Ireland.

The weather was nice the most of week—sunny days with warm temperatures, and just little rain on Friday. The water level was low and extremely clear, which made for very technical fishing. We landed many Dorado around the 12 to 17-lb. range, as well as one Pacú and one Surubi. 

The Upper and Lower Sécure were very productive for quantity of fish, and big topwater patterns were the key. The upper sections are very technical right now due to the extremely clear water conditions, and small EP-style flies and accurate shots are the key to success.  All the sections are showing a healthy population of baitfish and Dorado, and we are looking forward for the next week.

Agua Negra Lodge

The past week we met three good friends from the US: Bryan, Clem, and Matt. The weather was good throughout the whole week, as was the water level. 

We spend a night camping out in the Agua Negra, where we caught more than six Dorado over 15 lb., several very nice Pacú, and a few big Yatoranas. 

By the end of the week, we ended up fishing the main Sécure, which proved as good as the Agua Negra. We landed another big Dorado and a big Surubi on fly.  The biggest fish of the week was a 20 lb. Dorado in the lower Agua Negra.

Secure Lodge

The past week in Sécure brought on very comfortable weather with warm days, cool nights, and steady water temperatures. 

We welcomed six guests from California, who brought awesome energy and empathy. It was the highlight of our week! They smiled and enjoyed everything.

We camped with all the anglers, fishing the headwaters and the regular beats, hooking Dorado everywhere; some on topwater flies, and even some big fish which weren’t landed. Despite the temperature of the water (not quite warm enough for a consistent Pacú activity yet) two fat Pacú were stranded on the beach. An 18-lb. Dorado was the biggest fish of the week.


Do you think you could handle the Dorado that reside at PlumaSecure, Agua Negra and our brand new Heli fishing tour? You can take a closer look at the tour page, where you’ll find all the information you need to get you ready for the trip of a lifetime!

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