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Welcome to the Living room, a new long trip! – Å Fishing Report

What a week its been over on A – This week the guides have been testing out a new spot for the big Halibut – aptly named the Living room! All we can say is that the hard work definitely payed off in the end.

26-08-2021/ in Å

We started the week with a new long trip that we have aptly chosen to call the living room. To get to the living room, there is a lot that must be true both in terms of weather and currents. So you only get there in really good conditions and then it is as if you are lying and taking it easy on the sofa in a cozy living room.

This week we made our third trip to the living room for further exploration. There are huge areas to fish on, we have only scratched the surface.

We in the guide boat started drifting and it did not take long before the first bonus Cod was landed. A lot of nice Cod came up this day, with a peak around 20 kilos. After an hour of fishing, the first Halibut has still not been landed but we have had several contacts. Alexander announces over the radio that they have hooked a much larger fish but which unfortunately came loose. Just keep wearing it, a big fish is hanging in the air.
Not long after, it pulls into Tobias’ rod. He cranks down and mounts the circle hook perfectly. It’s a better fish. The fight is on, the rest of the gang in the boat cranks up and I start driving after the fish so that the line goes straight down. Tobbe puts hard pressure and the fish comes up, but just before we can begin to glimpse it, it chooses to rush back to the bottom. Nice for me, less nice for Tobias who takes in everything he can. This process is then repeated twice more, but after three bottom rushes the fish starts to get tired and we manage to land the first fish of the day. 177cm beauty. Tobias, who is totally sweaty, does not hesitate for a second when he later jumps into the ten-degree water in only his underwear to swim with his new personal best. After a hug party and some photography, she gets to swim back.

Just a short while after that, we have hits again. This time it’s Martin’s turn and the rod bends properly. This is a big fish no doubt about it. But it comes loose… It hurts in the heart to lose a big fish. We choose to explore some new areas and manage to get a nice Halibut of 92 centimeters.

The day is starting to suffer towards the end but I tell the gang in the boat that we will do one last drift where we lost the ace. Shortly afterwards it chops on Martin’s rod, false alarm it was just a nice Cod. Martin gets stressed, he does not have time to drill Cod we are soon on the hotspot. He quickly tackles a new Mackerel and goes to the bottom. It slowly starts to go up a few meters and suddenly Martin is sitting at the bottom, the line goes in the opposite direction to the current. However, we drive at 1.2 knots but it pisses out the line from his reel. Something is not right. Everyone else cranks up as fast as they can because it starts to run out of rope. Martin has a multi-colored line to be able to keep track of the bottom depth and once we are ready to start driving with the boat, he is in the last color. Full speed, Martin cranks like an animal. We barely have time to arrive before it carries off again in a completely different direction. Equally long rush this time and the spool is about to be emptied. We go around and hunt this fish for a long time and for a while I sit and wonder if we hooked a seal wrong. Finally we come across the fish and the line goes right down. Gets it on the sonar, Martin has managed to lift it 5 meters above the bottom and it is a good echo. Martin takes in for king and motherland and during cheers from everyone in the boat it slowly comes up.

A monster comes up, I get the Halibut hook there and pull through the rope. We all stand and scream with happiness in the boat. 192 wonderful centimeters. Martin borrows my ursuit and gets to swim with his new personal best. After that the beast swims towards the bottom again and we go happy and totally home towards the harbor.

It has been a fantastic week with some nice days and some days with really naughty wind. Now we are getting ready for a new week and a new bunch. Hopefully it will be a trip to the living room if not too long.

Tight lines,
Andreas Wanland & Alexander Lindgren

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