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Kalum River Lodge Fishing Report 12th December 2022

The 2022 season at Kalum River Lodge is now complete and it was a season to remember. It was a joy to have our guests from around the globe able to come back to join us once again. We had a fantastic season with strong runs of all five species of Salmon. The Steelhead returns were also nothing to scoff at. […]
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Kalum River Lodge Canada Days 5 & 6 Fishing Report

A special mention for Jeremy Trowbridge who landed a 45lb King Salmon whilst fishing for Pinks and Chums Saturday Andy landed an 8lb Steelhead and Paul landed a 10lb Steelhead. Lots of other catches today including a Chum Salmon 18 to 20 lb est. from the Kitimat. The week total is approx 160 fish. A full report will be posted […]
dove hunting in argentina

Kalum River Lodge Canada Days 3 & 4 Fishing Report

Day 3/4 Large numbers of Sockeye, Pinks and Coho Salmon beginning to show on the Skeena plus Steelhead, with one caught on Thursday. Kitimat River full of Chum salmon including several monsters hooked and lost. Lots of Pinks which are still very fresh from the sea. Total for the week up to Thursday is approx 100 fish caught with about […]
Kalum River Lodge

Kalum River Lodge Canada April 2019 Fishing Report

The first week of April at Kalum River Lodge has been a great start to the spring season. Despite the frosty mornings, the days have been really sunny and warm. After a long winter tying flies, our guests and guides were enjoying being back out on the river. Testing out different fly patterns the guys hooked into some strong spring […]

Kau Tapen Week 13: March 30-6 April 2019 – Fishing Report

The season at Kau Tapen comes to an end and the timing could not have been more perfect. During the last week, we had a very cool and interesting experience to host a full group of non-anglers, who stayed here for 2,5 days as part of a business meeting. Luckily, the conditions were still great – clear(ish) water and fairly […]
Sea Trout Fishing

Kau Tapen Week 12: March 23-30, 2019 – Fishing Report

The second last week of the season is over and we had a full house! Some old friends came to visit us again: Roberto and Fran, as well as Martin and Theresa, all four from Argentina, and who have been coming here for many years now. Tom and Colman, who’s first time it was were keen fishermen and excited for […]

Kau Tapen Week 11 – Fishing Report

We have received a report from Kau Tapen in Argentina and the fishing has been very good on week 11 with plenty of fish being caught by the customers out there. While we were sad about our Italian friends from last week leaving, we were just as excited for our new group to arrive. Especially with the weather forecast that […]

Kau Tapen River Diary Week 10 – Fishing Report

We have had the latest report in from the Kau Tapen Lodge in Argentina. The visiting customers are having a great time with some phenomenal fishing being had by all that are there. We were happy to welcome a new group of guests and a very fun week should lie ahead of us. A group of Italian anglers, some of […]
Muddy water bolivia

Kau Tapen River Diary Week 9 – Fishing Report

Here we have the latest report in from Kau Tapen in Argentina and the fishing has been explosive with some great fish being caught by all the customers out there. Another week is done and I can’t believe how fast the time is flying. We are closing in towards the end of the season, but our excitement for the week […]
Sea Trout Fishing

Kau Tapen River Diary: Week 8: February 23rd – March 2nd 2019

A bunch of familiar faces are on their way here and we were super stoked to see all of them again. We were so happy to see Bill, Janet and their son Jake again, all of who had come here many times and who we had grown so very fond of. Along with them their good friend Rodney for his […]
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