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Sportquest Holidays Directors

Sportquest Holidays Directors Become Ambassadors For Mackenzie Fly Fishing

We are pleased to announce that Sportquest Holidays managing director Peter Collingsworth and Sportquest Holidays marketing director Tracey Buckenham have now officially been made brand ambassadors for Mackenzie Fly Fishing.

“ I am so pleased that we are able to support the Mackenzie Fly Fishing brand with its unique fly fishing rod and lines. Scott and his team have over these last years developed what we deem to be the best travel rods for Salmon fishing that we have been successfully recommending to our customers for the last 5 years. Now with their expansion in the single-handed rods market for both fresh and saltwater designed again for the travel market, we have a manufacturer who can provide leading-edge technology tackle designed for the travelling angler.  Both Tracey and I are really looking forward to working closely with the Mackenzie team in putting all future products through their paces in some exotic and tough worldwide environments.” – Peter Collingsworth

Over the coming months, we will be posting reviews on all of the Mackenzie products whilst out in the field.

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If anyone would like tackle advice on travel rods please feel free to contact me personally in the office and I can talk you through exactly what is suitable for your destination or even a potential upcoming trip. You can contact me directly via email on or by calling 01603 407596.


  1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest


    Thank you for your comment if you are looking for the ideal double handed travel rod for Steelhead look no further than either Atlas Fly travel rods or the Graphene Atlas as both these rods are 6 piece and will do exactly what you wish for. You can see the full details on this link. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

  2. Graham L M Sharp

    Hope to fish for Steelhead – in BC – Autumn 2020
    Two – handed Rod?

  3. Graham LM Sharp

    Hoping to fish for Steelhead in BC Autumn 2020
    Will I need double – handed rod?

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