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Species Spotlight: Tigerfish

The Tigerfish is one of the most fearsome-looking fish in Africa. These toothy predators have a mouth full of razor blade-like teeth that will tear apart any prey unfortunate enough to come within striking range, which even includes catching birds. Living in the freshwater rivers and lakes of Africa these are the number one species that freshwater predator hunters just have to target.

Species: Tiger fish

Also known as: Tanzanian Tiger, African Tigerfish

Scientific name: Hydrocynus vittatus


The Tigerfish is overall silvery in colour with thin black stripes that run horizontally down its body. It has an elongated body and a red, forked caudal fin with a black edge. Its head is large as well as its razor sharp teeth. The teeth are sharp and conical which are used to grasp and chop prey. The male is larger and more full-bodied than the females.

Average Tigerfish size

This species can reach sizes of over 20lb in weight but the average size you will catch is around 8lb.

Where to catch Tigerfish

The Tigerfish is found in the freshwater rivers and lakes of Africa with many being caught in Tanzania, Zambezi River, Congo River, Lake Tanganyika and the River Nile. Another area that holds them includes the Okovango basin.

Tigerfish Fishing methods

The most popular way to target this species is by using big bloody fish baits, these baits are attached to a wire trace to prevent the massive teeth from slicing through the line. Another very popular way to target these fish is by casting lures and imitating a dying fish, enticing the Tigerfish to strike out and hook itself.

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