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Species Spotlight: Wahoo

The Wahoo ( also known by the Hawaiian word “ono” ) is a favourite fish of many big game anglers. A very fast growing fish which is often mistaken for a king Mackerel is also known for being good to eat with its large circular flakes of meat that have a firm texture but short shelf life. This sleek superfast predator from the Mackerel family gives the travelling angler an amazing fight once hooked. With its long muscular body and mouth full of razor-sharp teeth this is one fish that big game anglers around the travel to such destinations as Madeira and Mexico just to try and do battle with one of these stunning specimens.

Name: Wahoo

Also known as: Ono

Scientific Name: Acanthocybium solandri

WAHOO Description

The Wahoo’s body is elongated and covered with small scales, the back is an iridescent blue while the sides are silvery with blue vertical bars. The Wahoo sports large mouths, and the serrate teeth of the Wahoo are razor sharp. They are some of the fastest fish in the sea.

Average WAHOO Size

The Wahoo can reach sizes of over 130lb in weight but the average size that is caught are around 15lb in weight. They can also reach up to 5-6 feet in length

Where to catch Wahoo

The Wahoo is a pelagic fish and can be found in many of the worlds tropical and subtropical waters. Destinations such as the Gulf of Mexico and especially the Baja peninsular, the coast of America, Rodriquez island and even waters around Madeira in Europe will give the travelling angler and European explorers the chance to try and catch one of these amazing fish. All of these locations boast impressive Wahoo populations can also be found over on our Youtube Channel which can be found here.

WAHOO Fishing methods

The Wahoo is predominantly targeted by trolling lures behind a boat, this trolling is done at a faster speed than when you normally troll for big game fish. This is because with the Wahoos’s amazing speed the faster troll gets them really into hunting mode and they smash the lures extremely hard ensuring that those hooks set and the fish is on. Lures such as big diving Rapalas and even surface popper are the ideal lures to use and can often result in a fish caught.

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