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Surf Fishing Tips – How to Prepare for a Fishing Trip

Surf fishing is an ever-growing sport that can be very productive when fishing in the right destination. With fish often moving in close to shore they are there to be caught at the right time and there is something a lot more satisfying than catching a big fish off the beach rather than a boat. Below we will go through our selection of surf fishing tips for getting yourself prepared for fishing in the surf!

Our top Surf Fishing Tips


One of the most important surf fishing tips to take into account when fishing from the shore is what tide are you going to be fishing. Different beaches will fish better on certain states of the tide, some fish really well on the flood and die on the ebb and vice-versa. My top tips would be to try and gain some knowledge from your guide before you head out, as their many years of experience will provide information helping you to get the best out of your trip on the beach. Another tip would be to try and understand if there is any structure, this way you will get to see any fish-holding features that are on the beach like gullies and sandbanks, this will definitely help you put more fish on the beach.


Another big factor in fishing from the beach will always be the weather, on occasion the wind will be the make or break factor as to whether a beach will be fishable. Check with your guide which winds produce the best results, you really do not want to turn up to a beach with a 40mph wind smack in your face as this will make the session extremely uncomfortable, in situations like this, your guide can move you to a different location. Also if you have had sustained high pressure with warm calm sunny days, more than likely the water will have cleared out meaning that visibility will be extremely high. On occasions like this, it will be much better to fish at night as the fish will move into deeper water in daylight hours.

Know your beach

Another major factor when fishing a beach is to know the ground you will be fishing over, is it a clean sandy, shingle beach or are you fishing in a complete snag pit. Knowing this will help you to determine the tackle needed to ensure that your fishing trip is not wasted. There is nothing worse than fishing a bit of beach and losing fishing gear every cast because you are tackled up too light. Knowing what the area you are fishing is like is an essential part of beach fishing and will help you on your way to catch more fish.

What species are present

This is something that you really do need to know, this bit of information will help you to decide what rigs and tackle you will need for this trip. To find out what fish are available on each of our beach fishing holidays, make sure to check the main dedicated tour page for a list of species available. For example, if the waters hold large shark, a much more heavy surf rod and reel with braided line would be required. If however, this mark is renowned for smaller fish species then fishing with massive hooks and super strong hook lengths could prove to be a bad choice And could result in not getting any bites.


Wearing the correct clothes when beach fishing will ensure that you are comfortable when fishing and this will ensure that you have the most relaxed trip that you can. Dress accordingly for the conditions, so depending on which location you’re going to be fishing, we advise you to check online for information regarding climates in that area or alternatively, contact one of our team in the office who can advise on what clothing to take.

Surf Fishing Tips – Our Top Surf Fishing Destinations

Here I will take you through some of the top shore fishing destinations around the world, hopefully helping you to catch that big fish you so want to get under your belt from the beach.


The skeleton coast is one of the most exciting places to fish around the world and with the possibility of a real monster fish from the shore here this really is one destination that just has to be visited by the shore angler. Species that can be found here range from the smaller Kabeljou, Barbel and Galjoen, which still fight well depend on the size, all the way up to the fish that most anglers visiting these shores want to ensnare, the Bronze Whaler shark. These sharks come in very close to the shore here with 300lb specimens a real possibility to the visiting angler. Anglers can speak to their guides who will often tell them when is the best time to fish for the desired species that they are wanting to catch, whether that be at high tide, low tide or even a specific method. All angling is done from the beach using sand spikes.

South Africa

South Africa is a stunning country in terms of scenery, culture and of course fishing. This area is very well known for its abundance of big Shark species and being able to catch these from the shore is a huge possibility. Of course, you have the hard fighting Bronze whaler sharks, Ragged Tooth Sharks and Hammerheads. On this stretch of coastline, there is also the chance of hooking into the superfast and tough Mako Shark! Along with these big sharks you also have smaller shark species like the Spotted Gully Shark and the Smoothhound shark and amongst these, there are various other smaller species to be targeted like Rays, Kabeljou and Steenbras. This really is an angling experience that once tasted will leave you wanting to come back for more. The fishing here can range from using fishing rigs with live bait to spinning reels and rods using lures.


The long sandy beaches of Gabon offer the travelling angler a unique opportunity to fish in the wilderness targetting the many large predatory fish that patrol these shores. You will predominately be using lures and poppers on fixed spool reel from the beaches here to try and hook into Tarpon, Cubera Snapper, Kob and the many Jack species that are prevalent here. At certain times of year, the Tarpon fishing is the real attraction at Gabon with some absolute monsters frequenting the beaches here and a 200lb+ fish could well be the next fish to smash your lures. Along with popper and lure fishing, you will also have the chance to try bait fishing from the shore where you could well do battle with one of the many monsters that swim here including the tough Bull Shark. The experience of fishing in Gabon is one that will leave memories that last a lifetime and you will definitely be wanting to return.

Baboon Point

For many years now Sportquest Holidays has been leading the way with regards to new destinations and this destination in Mozambique is going to set the shore fishing market alight. We have for many years been searching for such a destination that offers anglers the chance to do battle with huge GT’s without the need to be on a boat and we would like to introduce you to Baboon Point Lodge in Mozambique.

This solid tented accommodation with an ocean view is the perfect base for an exciting week surfcasting the coast of Mozambique, you will be in the heart of all the action and just steps away from some of the most fish-filled waters in the area.

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Which surf fishing tour takes your fancy from the list above? For us it’s got to be Baboon point, those GTs really are something else once hooked. To learn more about any of the above tours, follow the appropriate links below each section.

So if you fancy joining us at any of our Fishing destinations you can simply call us on 01603 407596 or you can speak to our shore fishing expert, Paul Stevens, on To see more of our fantastic shore fishing lodges, take a closer look at our dedicated shore fishing playlist which can be found over on our Youtube channel here.

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