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Top Tips On Catching Bonefish

Bonefish Fishing

When it comes to fishing for Bonefish, it can be frustratingly hard to spot them gliding through the water. These fish are so difficult to spot they have even been nicknamed the “Ghosts of the flats” We have compiled a list of our top tips to improve your chances of spotting these silver scaled swimmers. […]

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Fly Fishing Ascension Bay Q&A

Ascension bay fishing

With one to one guiding and tuition, this Fly Fishing Ascension Bay trip is a fantastic opportunity for anglers to brush up on their saltwater fly fishing skills and learn how to deal with the sheer pandemonium of a freshly hooked fish bidding for freedom. When it comes to hooking, playing and landing Tarpon, practice […]

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Seasons In Ascension Bay

Ascension Bay

This vast area consisting of hundreds of square miles is located on the Yucatan peninsula about 100 miles south of Cancun and is the saltwater fly angler’s fly fishing dream. It is one of the most popular fly fishing destinations and one which consistently produces excellent results for all our customer. Known widely as the […]

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Species Spotlight: Bonefish


Name: Bonefish Also known as: Silver Ghost Scientific Name: Albula vulpes Description: So far 11 species/subspecies of Bonefish have been discovered around the world. Many fish look the same to the untrained eye. Some of the species of Bonefish include: Albula vulpes (which are found in North American areas) Albula Esuncula (the eastern Pacific Bonefish) […]

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