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Hints And Tips For The Sportquest Halibut Competition 2021

Hints And Tips For The Sportquest Halibut Competition 2021

With the hugely popular Halibut competition at Å being organised for 2021 us here at Sportquest thought we would give you some of our top tips for catching these prehistoric beasts, the king of the Norwegian seas is immensely powerful and they demand respect when trying to tame them. If you take your eye off the ball when fishing for these hugely powerful creatures you will be smashed up and left wondering what on earth happened there. These brutes hit hard and take no prisoners, giving no mercy as the shake their heads trying to rid themselves of the hooks they had previously and unknowingly wolfed down. So for those of you lucky enough to get your places booked onto this competition and even those of you just lucky enough to be visiting Norway to try and tame these big, flat lumps of muscle here are some of the top tips from the Sportquest sea fishing team to help you in your quest for a monster Halibut.

SportQuest Halibut competition 2021
  • Before you even hit the water to try and fish for a big a Halibut ensure all your terminal tackle is up to the job, a good quality 20-30lb rod paired with a tough reel (14kg of drag) which is loaded with good quality 80lb braid will be perfect for the job.  Check your knots on your leaders and any other components you may be using. These Halibut will test your tackle to the limits and will expose any weakness.
  • Have a plan before you even head out onto the water, check wind strength and work to the direction of the wind, there is nothing worse than heading out without a plan and missing half a days fishing because you cannot fish due to the winds or tidal strengths.
  • Make sure you know the best place to catch baits to use as dead-bait on the way out if the fish are not hitting shads and just baits you will need some to stay in contention for the winning length.
  • Make sure your boat is filled up with fuel every morning, you really do not want to be running out of fuel during the day out on the water.
  • When fishing for Halibut make sure your drag is set so the fish can run when it hits the shad\bait, these fish are hugely powerful and will easily snap a rod or line when they initially hit.
  • Charge all your phones, and camera batteries as soon as you get back from your day on the water, you need photographic evidence of the fish being measured as stated in the rules. Without these correctly taken photos, your fish will not count towards the total length at the end of the week. These fish need to be photographed with the tape from snout to the fork of the tail with the full fish being in the frame.
  • When playing the Halibut and you get it near to the boat for the first time in the fight do not think it is beaten, 9 times out of ten as soon as the Halibut gets near the surface it will  power back down to the bottom again meaning that the lucky angler who has it on his line then has to do all the hard work  of bringing it back up again. This can happen a few times during a fight so be prepared.
  • Stick to the rules that are outlined on the Sportquest holidays website when fishing during the competition days, you will be checked by Sportquest staff whilst fishing and anybody founding bending and not following the rules will be instantly disqualified.
  • Do not be afraid to vary your depths when fishing for Halibut, I have seen them caught at up to 10 metres off the bottom before, they will come up in the water to chase a bit of a shad as it passes over their heads.

Hopefully, these tips have been of some help to you and will aid you when out on the water chasing that monster fish you are hoping to catch, remember that your next fish could well be over 300lb as they are most certainly swimming in the waters underneath your boat. Remember to respect the fish and follow the catch and release guidelines outlined on the Sportquest holidays website on the days of the competition and most of all have fun and Good luck.

Tight lines

– Matt

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