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1571 Peacocks released in 2 ½ days – Amazon Basin Fishing Report, 19th October 2021

Another week in the Amazon basin – another fantastic week of fishing! The fishing is still producing amazing numbers of fish for the anglers visiting with a good head of larger fish well over the 10lb mark being landed too.

Amazon Basin – 19/10/2021

This fish tally includes only order to rush to the incoming 4 parties of the conditions they will find on arrival this coming Saturday on our private rivers Matupiri, Igapo-Acu, and Omero lakes selected as the best water levels in the Amazon during this week. This last Saturday afternoon up to yesterday (Monday) 4 parties, totalling 32 anglers landed in only 2 ½ days 1.571 Peacocks along with few other “tamer” tropical species, such as, Jacunda, Aruana, Wolfish, Bicuda, Piranha,etc. And, as always, a few large Catfish were landed by those anglers wishing to fish in deep holes late in the afternoon.

Most effective lures are jigs for the bait casters. Streamer flies (large Mikey fins) for the fly casters have done well. Topwater lures are becoming less effective since we are reaching the sustainable capacity for these two private rivers estimated at 8 weeks per season. We should be moving to the North East private rivers next week.  Last week’s 4 parties totaled an outstanding 3688 peacocks during the 6-day week with 231 peacocks over 10 lbs including 32 between 16 to 18 lbs; three 18 lbs; two 19 lbs; one 20bls; and one 21lbs. Most of the big fish were landed in the Omero lakes.

South West Zone (Matupiri and Igapo-acu, see map below): Water levels will be dropping faster and should reach its lowest point this week, as a consequence of the 10-Day Accumulated Rainfall Forecast shown below. Fish size reached its peak last week as evidenced by last week’s great results. Fast falling levels should stabilize just 3-5 ft below the jungle line in the next 4-8 days, then may start rising. By then we should be starting our operation up North.

North East Zone (Omero Lakes, see map below): Although fishing has been very good in this area, water levels are a bit high, and may even rise because of the high 10-Day Accumulated Rainfall Forecast shown below.

South West Zone >Today’s 10-Day Accumulated Rainfall Forecasts are for the towns marked in orange below, which affect water levels on the Matupiri and Igapo-Acu. The accumulated rainfall between 1.5 and 2 inches for most towns means that water levels will drop slowly in the region.

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