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6,473 Peacocks landed by our skilled guests – Amazon Basin Fishing Report, 26th October 2021

The final week of the season down in the Amazon Basin produced an amazing amount of Peacock Bass for the anglers visiting. They were also treated to some action from some of the tamer species of the Amazon Basin including Pacu and Aruana.

Amazon Basin – 26/10/2021

Tally: Last week’s 4 parties with 8 anglers each caught an outstanding 6,473 Peacocks. And, it might even be exceeded by this week’s 4 parties whom only over the last weekend landed (2 ½ days) an impressive 2,008 Peacocks with 107 of them between 10 and 16 lbs.; 10 between 17 and 19 lbs.; 2 between 20 and 22 lbs.  This tally excludes other “tamer” tropical species landed, such as, Jacunda, Aruana, Wolfish, Pacu, Oscar, Bicuda, Piranha, etc. And, as always, a few monster Catfish (Pirarara, Surubi,etc) were landed by those anglers wishing to fish in deep holes late in the afternoon.

Lures: Most effective lures continue to be jigs for the bait casters on the Matupiri Igapo-acu. Topwater lures are becoming less effective since we are reaching the sustainable capacity for these two private rivers estimated at 8 weeks per season. On the other hand topwater lures are a splendor on this 2nd week on the Omero  .  Streamer flies (large Mikey fins) for the fly casters continue to do well, and dry flies for the leaping Aruana.

South West Zone (Matupiri and Igapo-Acu, see map below): Water levels may have reach its lowest point this week, as a consequence of the 10-Day Accumulated Rainfall Forecast shown below. Fish size may reach its peak this week as evidenced by this week-end’s great results. We should be moving our River Trains 400 miles up North next week.

North East Zone (Omero Lakes, see map below): Although fishing has been very good in this area, water levels are a bit high, and may even rise because of the high 10-Day Accumulated Rainfall Forecast shown below.

South West Zone > 10-Day Accumulated Rainfall Forecasts are for the towns marked in orange below, which affect water levels on the Matupiri and Igapo-Acu. The accumulated rainfall over 2 inches means water levels may rise; between 1.5 and 2 inches means that water levels may drop slowly. On the other hand, rainfall between 1.5 and 1.0 inches means that levels will drop rapidly.  As seen bellow water levels may be rising a bit which is normal for this time of the year in this zone.

North East Zone  > 10-Day Accumulated Rainfall Forecasts are for the towns marked in green below, which with a similar above mentioned analysis  affect water levels on the Omero lakes.  As seen bellow water levels may be rising a bit specially due to rainfall forecast on the city of Caracarai which is still normal for this time of the year in this zone. Should this rainfall persist may force moving our River Trains back to South West Zone for another week.

In the map above, note that our preferred fishing areas for this time of the year, South West Zone and North East Zone are in light blue, which means a slight positive anomaly; ie.: they should receive slightly more rainfall than the expected.

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