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Big Fish Adventure Soroya Norway, Fishing Report March 2024

Last week, we had the pleasure of sending some American customers to our Big Fish Adventure destination on the famous island of Soroya in northern Norway. The trip was planned to offer the group a week of fishing on the camp’s flagship boat, ‘Apex,’ and staying at the BFA resort. The primary target was the giant Skrei Cod that Soroya is famous for, but there was also the opportunity to fish for Halibut, with the Norwegian season opening on the 1st of April. 

The week started with ‘Cod Mayhem’ with the group landing six Skrei fish over 20kg. Here are a few words from the head guide and camp owner Bilal Saab, who guided the group for their trip. 

“A week in the APEX has started, and our American trio were off to a flying start on their first day! During the day, we found some shoals of good size Cod and managed to land six fish over 20 kg and a handful of fish over 15kg. The top fish were 25, 25, 24, 23, 22 and 22 kilos! As we said – a flying start!

Knowing that the fishing is so hot, with double and even triple hook-ups the norm, we try to put two guides on the Apex for all the Skrei guided trips: one to handle the fish and one to control the boat, keeping you on top of the fish.”

On the 1st of April, signalling the start of the Halibut fishing season in Norway, the group set the day aside to target some of these fantastic flatfish, and they weren’t disappointed, landing an incredible 12 fish: 

“The weather was rubbish yesterday, and the guys in the APEX were keen to try out for some Halibut in the nearby fjords that are sheltered on protected from the west winds! We took them to some bays, and the first Halibuts of the year landed! 12 fish in total, with at least an equal amount lost. It was a start we can most certainly live with!”

During the middle part of the week, the guys decided to try for only the biggest fish: 

“We were searching for a true giant, and after only 30 minutes of fishing, we got hooked up to a big fish. It was taking line, and with visibility so good, we could see it fighting 20m down – it was a big one! It weighed in at 31kg and measured 150cm. At the end of the session, it was matched with fish of 24kg and 20kg. It was a great day with big fish and a good mood!”

At the end of the week, another excellent fish made an appearance, capping a truly fantastic trip:

“By the end of the week, the American group was unstoppable when it comes to cod fishing! They wanted to hammer those big ones, and once again they weren’t disappointed, landing another specimen Skrei fish of 28kg along with a bonus 110cm Halibut!” 

Please remember, if you’d like to join us on a trip to Big Fish Adventure in Soroya, we have an array of packages available, and we can completely tailor your holiday to suit your needs. You can read more about our packages below: 

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