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Sette Cama, Gabon Fishing Report 14th February 2024

Flyfishing Tarpon: It’s one thing to land a big Tarpon on a flyrod, but it’s a whole different story when it’s done on foot, in the dark!

African Waters guide Oliver Santoro’s brief overview of the spectacular fish caught by guest Christian Neyret at Sette Cama last night:

“…As twilight descended over the lagoon, the group positioned themselves along the northern shore. We had been grappling with the challenge of catching fish as the coefficient had surged to an exceptionally high level, resulting in a massive influx of marine water teeming with bioluminescence. In this specific location at the mouth area, we noticed a side channel pushing some darker fresh water, which appeared to be our best chance.

Although the fish were present, they seemed hesitant to take any bait or lure we offered…

It was nearing low tide when Worth, one of our clients, hooked onto a decent-sized cubera snapper. It was a greatly welcomed sight. While capturing some photographs of his catch, I heard shouting from further up the beach, followed by the unmistakable sound of something immense breaching the surface.

It was the moment we had been anticipating. The fish darted downstream towards the mouth of the lagoon. Christiaan, who had hooked the fish, dashed after it, exerting every effort to slow its progress by applying extreme pressure.

The fish veered around and anchored itself in the current beside the rocks. Anxiously, we watched as the leader narrowly avoided the sharp edges of oysters. Eventually, we managed to guide the fish past the rocks and into a back eddy. Christian hauled the fish onto the shallow sand, enabling us to land it. What a colossal creature it was, measuring 188cm in length and 106cm in girth!…”

From all of us at African Waters, congratulations, Christian. That truly is a remarkable catch.

Cheers from the Gabon Team.


If you’d like to know more about the fish, fishing, and accommodation at Sette Cama in Gabon, you can contact our destination manager Paul Stevens on 01603 407596 or email at, who would love to speak to you.

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