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Bonefish Fly Fishing Holidays

Bonefish is considered one of the top 3 species to catch on a fly rod and for many is the first saltwater fly fishing species they catch. Often referred to as the ghost of the saltwater flats due to their colouration, which makes them difficult to spot and therefore harder to catch. We have many destinations that you can travel to for a Bonefish fly fishing holiday. Some produce Bonefish in large numbers, mainly of small to medium fish. Other destinations provide opportunities to target larger fish to over 10lb.

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26 Tours available

Tour code: MEX126

This is a must for any novice or improving saltwater fly anglers. You will get the chance to get regular shots at all grand slam species with a real emphasis on learning to tame Tarpon. Your host and experienced fishing guides will do their bests to give you an incredible experience.

   Season: All Year

From: £4,271 per person including flights

Tour code: SEY004

Alphonse Island needs to be experienced to be believed... world class saltwater fly fishing, quiet picnics on secluded beaches, sunset cruises with loved ones, mesmerising encounters with marine life and blissful pampering treatments all in picture-perfect surroundings.

  Category: Saltwater Fly Fishing
   Season: October to May

From: £8,256 per person including flights

Tour code: BEL004

This great resort provides fantastic fly-fishing and provides a great safe, exciting and entertaining destination that you can bring and enjoy with your family. The beachfront location of this resort provides several amenities for your enjoyment, whether it is arranging for a massage in the lodge massage room or a day out on the flats.

   Season: March to June October to December

From: £4,397 per person including flights

Tour code: CHR001  

Our famous hosted trips to Christmas island have become legendary, they offer you the best saltwater fly fishing along with world class popper, jig fishing. Combine this with light offshore trolling provides one of the most diverse fisheries in the world. A fishing adventure that should not be missed at any cost.

   Season: September to October

From: £6,017 per person including flights

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26 Tours available